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  1. SheepNutz

    I was banned...

    Thanks for helping my friend DogStar out and giving him a 2nd chance. He's a great guy and will fit in well with the GC crowd.
  2. SheepNutz

    Sad times in the world of Metal

    It was in Columbus, OH. Luckily, none of the other band members died, but it's a darn shame that anybody died that night. Some people are just idiots.
  3. SheepNutz

    Im am teh graduate

    Sweet man! I graduate from Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science. It took me 5.5 years too!
  4. SheepNutz

    Very Sad News

    I'm thinkin' about ya man.
  5. SheepNutz

    Happy Birthday Exile!!!

    [VI] Exile is celebrating his 24th today. Happy birthday bro!
  6. SheepNutz

    Halloween Gangsta Baby

    If you give her a bottle of milk, and she takes a drink, then pours out one for her homies, then you know there's a problem!
  7. SheepNutz

    Team America: World Police

    I really really liked the movie. Just remember, freedom costs a buck-o-5!
  8. SheepNutz

    grounded for life

    Darn, I'm gonna miss that redhead!
  9. SheepNutz

    College Humor

    I took this pic of my friend Dusty in front of a local KY store: http://collegehumor.com/?image_id=9507 And Rooster took this pic of a friend at Natural Bridge in KY as well: http://collegehumor.com/?image_id=12756 College Humor pwns!
  10. SheepNutz

    hey fatty?

    I think freezetime is the word you are looking for, not buy time.
  11. SheepNutz

    This Release

    I know that if you bought the ATI/HL2 card deal or whatever, you get a $50 credit, so you can either get the bronze for free, or upgrade to the others.
  12. The real question is: Who wants to let me borrow $50?
  13. SheepNutz

    Rodney Dangerfield Dies

    Wow, that is so horrible! I was a big big fan of him. Back to School and Caddyshack are two of my favorite movies, and I'm gonna hafta watch both of them today as a salute to the great man who could do a triple lindy but still got no respect.
  14. SheepNutz

    Happy B-day Chuck and other dude

    Happy Birthday Chuckles and [VI] Sim! Today is my mom's birthday too, so if you see my "My mom has been planted!" bind come up in play, give her a shout out!