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  1. MikeHawk

    Looking for duo for BR?

    I quit left for dead 2 and league of legends for this game. I got over 300 hours in h1z1. I really only play BR. Koreans are winning the top 5 now with their large groups. Add me on skype. Username: mdmiked
  2. i will only duo with you if you are platnium and up if you are plat lets play a couple of draft, and see our strengths and if we can make plays on our mindset. if so, i will try. if you are diamond the only question is if you are a troll. otherwise ill give it a shot.
  3. MikeHawk

    Need a trusty forum friend for rust.

    I played the game a lot. Over 75 hours. I know my way around everywhere, and pretty good with some weapons. I need someone or people to join. It can be your server or start off fresh. add me on steam GetLuckyNerd
  4. MikeHawk

    Add me to your Guild wars 2 !

    My name is Summoner Tibbers skype Mdmiked I am currently lvl 66 and having trouble now where to go to do quests.
  5. MikeHawk

    Diablo 3 Battletags and Ventrilo

  6. MikeHawk

    anyone living in Virginia?

    I'm gonna be flying to Virginia and wondering if any lfd2 or gc members I recognize wanna hang out for my time being there. I won't be there long but will make time to hang out with people. I will bring gear(laptop) to play games if you wanna lan it.
  7. MikeHawk

    Gamer's life

    idk whether to hate you for this or love you. depends which call of duty he was playing.
  8. MikeHawk

    GC Minecraft Mark 2

    bump bump, i wanna get back into this game
  9. We have about 5-6 people who play quite frequently on a US server. If you have dayzcommander and not sure if it apply's to SixLauncher or not. The server name is US 1993 message me if your going to join so my friends and I don't shoot you. Oh and we have access all over the map, literally.
  10. MikeHawk

    Adding a new MOD

    Jackie you know what to do
  11. MikeHawk

    Anyone interested in or tried DayZ?

    Im down to play, so far i got a sniper rifle and 10 blood packs, unfortunately you need someone else to apply it. If you got dayz commander my name is Hudriken Mike
  12. MikeHawk

    So juicy.

    World: maguuma Class: Necromancer I'm currently level 40 and wondering if there is anyone on the same world who wants to play. That is all.
  13. MikeHawk

    I want a challenge.

    I wonder if there's a way to do 1 vs 1 on a server. Where two people could challenge eachother *cough* "oni, paro/wonka/sk" *cough* no zombies, only special infected do any map 1 vs 1 . quench my thirst
  14. MikeHawk

    Chick is sick :(

    get better chick, i need you to be well so I can annoyingly kill you in lfd2. that is all. Thank you and good night *applause*
  15. MikeHawk

    Name change

    Chick from gcftw server told me that admin's say that I need to change my name. Just want to ask if it's really bothering the community that much. Otherwise I'll rather have Mike Hawk for my name as it would anyone would keep their original name that they kept forever. thank you for your time mikehawk