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    Biblical matters, theology, tobacco pipe smoking and collecting, basketball, college football...you know, the good stuff.
  1. Cheat

    Retrocedence Mapcycles

    Is it just me or does the cycle have a few maps that shouldn't be on there?
  2. I finally cracked. Yeah..yeah..
  3. Cheat

    Counter-Strike sale!

    Can't beat it for $5.
  4. Cheat

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I'm with Nightling on the sound bits, I hope they adjust them a bit more.
  5. Cheat

    Greetings from da Cheat!

    I'm a special kind of cheat though.
  6. Cheat

    Greetings from da Cheat!

    How did I know this would be the response? Eh, I brought my system with me to seminary this year so I might grace you with my presence more often.
  7. Cheat

    Greetings from da Cheat!

    I finally decided to get with the program and officially join the GC forum. Most of you know me as I have been a regular for about 3 years now. Nonetheless, I am <DurKa> ThE ChE@t -_* if the name doesn't give it away already. Hello to all!