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  1. blanic


    I will respond to him privately as to not bleed this out.
  2. blanic


    So ive been gone since Wed of last week, logged in to find i had a ban. I asked another admin and they said i was banned today by Peanut. So i am wondering, how could i have been ban when i was not on until after 11pm?
  3. blanic

    Today's Update: Sourcemod Broken

    Steam Just updated, can someone try to launch server?
  4. blanic

    Mechanical request admin to look at him

    It was death toll i believe, the one where you have to take the cola to the guy. And as you see he has posted above with not even this is how i got it. Not sure how he did and he was the only one with it but he did have one.
  5. Was just on the server playing, and the guns we start with were the basic guns, not 10 seconds after the door opens and i noticed MechanicaL with an AK, I asked him how he got it many times but he did not answer except with A2L or something like that. I believe he somehow hacked the item as there is no way for him to have had that gun even with points as early as it was. Please keep an eye on him.
  6. blanic

    Paid Dues

    will they pm the vent password too? and thanks
  7. Just paid dues so I can be added to the left 4 dead 2 server, when usually does this occur? Also I need someone to PM the ventrillo PW at some point please.