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  1. MashtaJurioz


    I bind too, but mine shows up in chat... Don't remember why it does that.
  2. MashtaJurioz

    Steam Technical Errors: Help

    i never have problems IN-GAME however, it's always to do with loading/starting the game.
  3. MashtaJurioz

    Steam Technical Errors: Help

    The only server and game I play on steam is L4D2. and I only play the GCFTW server. But more than occasionally, the game won't start up or it crashes or there is an error. It's strange because I don't mess around with anything. It's easy to fix by deleting a file called "clientregistry.blob" in my steam folder but it's getting annoying now that I do it more and more. Does anyone know how to prevent this or know what causes this?
  4. MashtaJurioz

    Certain Level Night?

    In all seriousness... if this was a weekly thing, then those who want to play "proper GCFTW l4d" (yes that's what i think of it as) will know a good time to join.
  5. MashtaJurioz

    Certain Level Night?

    team elephant hat versus trolley hats. I'm down if im invited >.>
  6. Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:38472655 Name: Mashtajurioz Email: strutt.william@gmail.com Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #2RU16571E35882310)
  7. MashtaJurioz

    You have been kicked for excessive ping

    We don't live together!! Secondly, Our internet on campus is the best internet i've ever used in my life. And it's a recent issue because this didn't happen before. Maybe something degraded between the internet between Asia and USA. Anyway, all I wanted to know was what Jackie Chan said.