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  1. I have a gears of war 4 code for someone who wants it.
  2. waymon

    My complain. 2014 Edition

    Hello all. Wanted to let you know something I have noticed. The last several times I have played on the server the chat is almost always concentrated on how cursing isn't allowed. I understand the reason and all behind it. But instead of talking and conversing about the game or something far more interesting players and admins have been arguing and debating with randoms on why the language rule is what it is. I'm not saying the rule should change, its just something I have noticed about the chat. My personal take on cursing is as long it isn't directed at someone its fine by me and don't be a jerk. That is all. Thanks for listening.
  3. The de_season you have on the server differs from what leagues use. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38275/de_season.zip Thats what leagues have been using. Sorry if this has already been brought up and discussed.
  4. waymon

    What happened?

    Can we have the map rotation be the default competitive maps, but have the option to nominate de_custom_map and so on? Then the nominated custom maps get added to the vote with the regular competitive maps. The thing that attracts players is other players. Map choice is second. So whatever formula brings in the most people, has my vote. There is a server called PotSmokersLounge.net and they have 24/7 full server on a rotation of like 6 classic maps. They run GameMe and have a two awp limit per team. Thats about its and for some reason they can keep the server full? Whats their secret?
  5. waymon

    What happened?

    Why doesn't it stay full?
  6. waymon

    What happened?

    We need to get the votemap working...so we can vote for a new map at the end of the match. An option to nominate custom maps into that votemap and stats. People like top10 and rank. Update maps to match ESEA league. Remove all bots. It requires continuous trial and error to find what people like...I am willing to do that if someone can supply me with server access. What do ya say?
  7. waymon

    What happened?

    Alright, after having too much spare time this last weekend and having a terrible time finding a good casual server. I will now dedicate myself to trying to help populate this server. What game mod are we running? Is it up to date? Is it only mookie who has access to the FTP? Can that change? Willing to help and dedicated time and money to help making this server work. Can someone point me in the right direction? I can start today. Thanks.
  8. waymon

    What happened?

    our server has no tags. add the tags of "classic, casual, 128tic, de_dust2, de_train"
  9. waymon

    What mouse should i buy???

    I've recommended the Logitech g400 Solid durable and not too expensive of a mouse.
  10. waymon

    CS:GO Server Requests

  11. waymon

    CS:GO Server Requests

    The server has been kinda dead lately...Any idea why?
  12. waymon

    Best Price is Right Contestant

  13. waymon

    CS:GO Server Requests

    Can you also request, having the server change its rotation of maps for a set period of time? Say change the script takes place when its 10pm and now the server only rotates, d2, inferno, aztec.
  14. waymon

    GAMES & LAN Itinerary

    All- What games are we going to be playing? CS:GO? BF3? Consoles? (Halo?, COD?) I want to setup a 1v1 awp_map tourny. As well as a 2v2 de_map tourny. Ill do all the managing of these tournies, but wanted to see if everyone is cool with that before I did. Also...how do these LANs normally work? Everyone just setups and plays whatever they want? Or it is just that someone yells out..."HEY WE ARE GOING TO PLAY BF3...the IP IS..." and people just join if they want?
  15. waymon

    CS GO Maps

    This interests me greatly.