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Status Replies posted by Mercman

  1. Beach bound! Be back late next week.  B)

    1. Mercman


      have a Great time Looney!

  2. I made a dumb and won the big dumb prize. RIP AND GG https://imgur.com/nbrFYMl

  3. I made a dumb and won the big dumb prize. RIP AND GG https://imgur.com/nbrFYMl

    1. Mercman


      holy crap!

      what you do

      It looks mighty painful

      wishing you a speedy recovery

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  4. As of Saturday May 13th, I have graduated from college with a Bachelors in Computer Science. After five years of insanity, lack of sleep, a small bank account, and many other issues that include a broken ankle, it is all over.

  5. happy birthday to @ me

    1. Mercman


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LIV and hopefully many more to come

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  6. I got out drank by my IT coordinators and CIO...

  7. RIP Alan Young/Scrooge McDuck.

    1. Mercman


      I use to watch Mr. Ed RIP Alan

  8. 3:15 p.m. on a Friday - here comes the alcoholic beverage cart at work! Mmm Rumchata!

  9. I'm pretty sure some dirtbag has stolen my dog of 7 1/2 years #sadtbt

    1. Mercman


      i m sorry to hear that man

      Check the area rescues and go to the vets with a pic / description of him

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  10. Ugh, I can't play...have some stiches...left hand doesn't work *cry*

  11. A case at my job requires me to search for a family of inheritors, some of who live in the US. So if you receive a call from me in the next two weeks, you might have won the jackpot

  12. Whoever wants a Rainbow Six Siege beta key (ends Oct 4), let me know. I have 4 to give out.

  13. Delta introduces a seating class below Coach aka Economy Class - you now have... Basic Economy. Enjoy your holiday flights, intrepid travelers.

    1. Mercman


      Economy Class ---> That must be a seat on the wing

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  14. Well it is out. Gallbladder is out. In the hospital for a few days.

  15. If you have a pizza with radius z and thickness a, its volume is pi*z*z*a.

  16. Moving was completed last friday, will finally get internet tomorow, in the meantime I check the forums from work :/

  17. I almost forgot how good it was playing L4D2. Funtimes!!