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  1. deeBo


    Hmm it's tempting, however skyline is really only worth about 10 imo...
  2. deeBo


    This is happening... no for realz i put my 15 in lunk's piggy bank, so do I just tag up now in game? Also, how much more must I give so that when I join it kicks Skyline?
  3. deeBo

    Pumpkin Beer

    Interesting, I'll have to see if I can find stone here in Michigan. I'm a big fan of hoppy beers.. Surprised you didn't include this Surly Furious. surly furiousis one of my favorite beers, but they don't distribute outside of minnesota. any time i travel up there for business, i always sneak a few 4 packs in my luggage for the return flight. i've had the hop stoopid, but not the others. adding em to the list! Drinking a pint of the new Surly Wet right now! They use incredibly fresh hops and can it and sell it quickly. The can I'm drinking right now was canned on Oct. 12th. Surly Furious is probably my favorite also tho. Haven't you ever been to the Fitger's brewery in Duluth, MN?
  4. deeBo

    Cool video thread

    http://youtu.be/8llsiEIvvM0 If you haven't heard of Yeasayer, well now you have so take advantage!
  5. deeBo


    nvm, the dude was banned and I was unbanned
  6. Wasn't banned by any admin, just auto-banned for team killing. Another player by the name of dreamBIG came into the server and started team attacking me and others for no reason. I attempted to switch teams numerous times, and each time he'd switch sides and continue to goad me(1 deag me in the head and continually flash me). Travisty and other regulars were in the server and were telling the dude to stop but there was no admin to be found to ban him. I tk'd him so we could get on with our rounds and was auto-banned for team killing.
  7. deeBo

    Whose this teamhard guy??

    HI THERE AND WELCOME TO THE FORUMS. ps, like our game servers, we like to keep the forums sfw and mildly tasteful. i removed your avatar and profile pic. sure, fantastic eye candy, but mildly inappropriate. Sorry bout that, it's my spray so I just figured it'd be alright. Hope motorcycles are sfw and mildly tasteful!
  8. deeBo

    Whose this teamhard guy??

    Hello, finally decided to pop into your forums. Pretty nifty!