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  1. HoLocauZ

    just a friendly hello

    just renewed my membership hoping the admins / overseears could look into getting my ID back onto the servers. Havent played quiet awhile and looking forward to hoping back into the game as soon as possible
  2. HoLocauZ

    new member dues paid :)

    all paid can i get my hats and reserve now?! :DD
  3. ^___^ HolocauZ payment sent a few minutes ago
  4. HoLocauZ

    I wanna donate ^_^

    thank you! ill be gaming with you shortly
  5. HoLocauZ

    I wanna donate ^_^

    payment was sent, how long does it usually take for everything to go through and get a reserve slot?
  6. HoLocauZ

    I wanna donate ^_^

    thanks cake !
  7. HoLocauZ

    I wanna donate ^_^

    Where do i go? I love the GC server and itd be an honor to carry the .gc tag and get some hats! also that reserve slot is clutch... what do i need to give to you guys for access to everything? also were do i go to donate
  8. I was in the l4d2 10v10 server.. teams were being scrambled and i got switched to survivors and spawned in the water causing an instand death. next thing i know im kicked and banned.. for what? im a legitimatent player and ranked 346 in the server... STEAM_0:1:38960384