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  1. It's been a while so I didn't recognize the name at first, Gaurdian is doing the same, heads up!
  2. Thanks for the AWP tip, I'll try it out! Not sure what you mean by my field of view, it's just 1920x1080 whatever the default is for the game.
  3. Basically, you aim at the head esp with spray guns. Also some nice awp kills from earlier tonight.
  4. This server is in unacceptable condition. I hardly recognize any players now, unacceptable.
  5. Just as I predicted you guys disregard most of my post to then defend rushing rules, which I agree with of course. My point was, you have a modded server. Something such as ghost jumping is forcing someone to play a certain way. Something such as having certain mains is forcing someone to play a certain way (protect mains). Buy menu This is what I meant. Why is it that you can have these mods but when there is "auto die" on spitting discussed this is somehow different? Discuss this, forget rushing even came up jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. For the record I L4D. I L4D HARD.
  6. "Don't make people play a certain way" lololol Literally most of the topics right now are "change this or that" and the game itself is 100% modified so you have to play a certain way. For instance, there are rules against rushing. This is forcing someone to play a certain way. I agree with OP, a spitter is useless to just have sitting in the corner doing nothing. This would force someone to play the correct way which would not be a bad thing and would more than likely stop shouting and rude behavior in general as the "spit and die" comments wouldn't even exist or get escalated. On another note, maybe when someone spits you could trigger a message (in a few languages) "It takes 25 secs to recharge spit and 15 secs to respawn, please suicide by typing !buy to help your team". That way the user still has the choice to screw their team over and you wouldn't be forcing them to "play a certain way"...
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    If this thread had a cover picture:
  8. Just picked up the LG G2 coming from a Galaxy Nexus for two years and it's awesome. I know someone with a Windows phone and it's not that they're bad, it's just I prefer the Google experience for work/personal reasons.
  9. tonerrrr


    170lbs 5' 8" still can do some sick bunny hops bro
  10. tonerrrr


    2 hours too much Gen, you cray! When I work out with my, it's usually right after work on the way home. I'm pretty hungry by then, so we get our stuff done in an hour then hit the road. I thought anything more than an hour didn't really matter unless you just did cardio after or before lifting I guess. I just started doing some protein shakes, solely after working out though. I do like to just have a piece of bread or at least something before working out since I eat lunch at 12. My buddy who's trying to gain was around 140 2 months ago, now he's 160 lean and an inch taller than me. He's killing it but also taking protein/calories like crazy. It's weird that we're only 10lbs apart from each other. The absolute main thing is to have enough protein in normal foods or in shakes. You NEED it if you're going to be lifting or doing serious weight loss.
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