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  1. JyKri

    Witch Purchase

    30 points to survivor for perfect crown in return
  2. JyKri

    We need a smarter shuffle

    There already is a scramble by ppm in place... though I think something is wrong with it since it rarely gets used (?)
  3. JyKri

    We need a smarter shuffle

    PPM is not a great indicator imho. Most people hover around the 20-30 ppm range. You can also get quite a lot of points just by shooting commons off people for protection points. Common headshots also count for headshot ratio.
  4. JyKri

    We have materializing chargers now?

    Why not just ask him? He seems to play on the server quite a bit now.
  5. JyKri

    What would you do!

    If anything does happen you should record it, makes it easier for the police to follow up on if it does come to that again.
  6. JyKri

    Is the Tank getting easier to kill?

    This. Nothing like 3 tanks, all of whom die in 20 seconds and they keep getting tanks If they tanked properly they wouldn't die in 20 seconds. Some maps locations are not favourable for tanks, but 3 is overkill at certain areas as well.
  7. JyKri

    Map rotation question

    Invisible walls are a hunter's best friend *_*
  8. JyKri

    Almost done moving~!

    I'll come... paint... if I can get dibs on the free alcohol ;0
  9. JyKri

    Almost done moving~!

    Look forward to seeing the custom bar
  10. JyKri

    Respawning Poll

    I had the assumption that it was incremental per person per use. And /sigh, you have no idea how long it takes some people to even calculate the difference for a simple 15. But I don't see a problem with full heals at 15 points right now, some people can't even get 15 points during the whole map so if the team is smart they will distribute it around anyways. This and taken into account some spitter chokes that can get you a tank with 2 good spits... should we start incrementalizing tank spawns as well now? Just seems like it's overly complicating a system that imo really isn't that much of a problem. Only reason I'm for incremental respawn is because it's a huge advantage for survivors, especially if they are a main, and there should be some consequential cost associated with using it.
  11. JyKri

    Respawning Poll

    How much significant difference is that 1 point really going to make for full heals. How many times do you actually full heal in one map. A point incremental change for full heal won't accomplish anything imho.
  12. JyKri

    Simcity V Hype

    Oh the love hate relationship with Sim City 4.
  13. JyKri

    GC Standards- Would you stay?

    Rushers are pretty easy to tell once you've played this game long enough. Usually about 2 choke points ahead and I don't know.. if they don't stop when you tell them to come back and the only thing they are pressing down is their forward key.
  14. JyKri

    GC Standards- Would you stay?

    In reply to your side note--since I feel it's mostly me that puts up these votes: So you could also say with 95-100% certainty that all proposed votes 'go through'? I'm not sure how this made-up stat helps your point, since it tells me that most people want to skip finales in a blow-out win scenario. Maybe you're saying the players don't know that they don't actually want to skip? Sorry to be defensive.. in any case I'll try to think of other options other than proposing skip votes in these situations. We happy? Sorry I do not have a database to support my perspective for when I am in game plays and see all of the vote skips go through. I don't know why you are getting defensive, my post was not projected at anyone specifically, nor is my statement false even if the statistics are not to your standards. Also, I'm not sure if you read everything I wrote but here's to reiterate a possible solution in which I've seen other admins and heard of jackie doing as well.
  15. JyKri

    GC Standards- Would you stay?

    Before admins deemed "poop" as being allowed, I always had the impression and played the server as it says in the description - "gc is a clean server". So no, I don't have a problem with this. If someone does slip up - give it a warning - I know some of you guys prefer the act first think later method, but a warning or two won't kill and might even reap in some new members. On a side note: I remember about a few months ago, finales were NEVER skipped, and if it did happen it was a rare occasion. I remember specifically Night and a few others did not approve of skipping on finales. Can we bring this back?! It's frustrating when teams actually communicate and work for the win only to get it skipped on finale. If anything, give the other team 30-40 points if the score cannot emit a win for the other team (1300 is the score difference for finales fyi so you can do the calculations). Bring the fun back, and not the bull. Also, don't start on "oh we bring up a vote for a reason" -- if you have not noticed, I can almost say with 100% accuracy that 95% if not 100% of the map change votes that gets brought up goes through.