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  1. primereed

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    gives more incentive to pounce the guy picking up
  2. primereed

    The hunter needs to be toned down.

    This is exactly the core problem, esp if the survivors have numerous ppl who like to heal / stand still in the open. You get 50 pts early before the chokepoint, the game is already over, nothing survivors can do. Sure, you can just skeet / deadstop them cause your aiming skills and awareness are so good, but sometimes one or two particular survivors will just keep getting pounced on repetitively right out of the saferoom, you won't even get a chance to buy a decent weapon to skeet with. Points for pouncing an incap should definitely be reduced, it doesn't do much in terms of teamwork, and compared to the earlier stages of the server, many more ppl can now easily do it, that's why it needs to change with the times.
  3. primereed

    New admins required

    Its a crime to make an incorrect statement. What I should've said is "Meng is the most current asian admin who actively plays on the l4d2 server." I am really sorry guys... My ignorance must've have caused you a great deal of aggravation.
  4. primereed

    New admins required

    srry i ever doubted you, jackie. im only familiar with l4d2 admins.
  5. primereed

    New admins required

    meng, the first asian admin?
  6. primereed

    The hunter needs to be toned down.

    pounce incap = 3 pts, standing survivor = 9 pts And sometimes the best way to help out your team as the only tank is to allow others to high-pounce incaps, so that they can get enough points to buy another tank to assist, it's not necessarily done to "undercut" your work. A skilled hunter player who buys one tank means everything in certain chokepoints esp with unannounced, even if you only manage to kill half the survivors early on, that is almost game over already. 10 people can easily wipe out a tank only in open areas or where there is room to manuever around.
  7. primereed

    New admins required

    welcome yoshi to newest admin addition!
  8. primereed

    The infected spawn timer crash

    my game used to crash sometimes just before i spawn in mid-air. The fix for me was removing sound files that I dled for custom campaigns, and cleaning up addons. Now i don't have the problem anymore, but this may not be applicable to you. im on windows 7.
  9. primereed


    Thanks peanut. I will keep in mind about the report forum as well. Although these members conducted themselves poorly, I did not feel that they deserve a ban. Sure, technically they broke the 'rule of respecting others' but these additional rules are general guidelines, not a black and white condition in which to institute a kick/ban. At certain times, they can also be good teammates, but the manner in which they left was really terrible and this similar behavior has been repeated in the past. Thus I just felt like sharing on this board and hope they will change their behavior on their own accord, not for the sake of avoiding future consequences.
  10. primereed


    also, maybe an option to return to your original team if you go afk for less than a minute, but then it goes full
  11. primereed


    This is related to what mercman posted earlier about player etiquette, but probably does not warrant the same attention. I've been playing on the server for more than two years, and it still surprises me how some old members still do not show a basic level of respect to other players. I was on the infected team with these three particular members, the score was close, and we were playing on the hard rain level where the elevator goes up. Being unsuccessful in stopping the other team from going up the elevator, they just ragequit right after, and one of them says before leaving, "I bought 4 spitters.. and you guys still fail..Now I know why [player A] left, I'm done," in the most conceited manner. Normally, I wouldn't waste my time posting about ragequitting, as people are welcome to join and leave as they please. But these members, especially the two out of the three, have done many disrespectful things in the past as well, and they always (the keyword is always) leave the game when the going gets tough, and subtly stack by d/c and connecting again. Just shameful... and the most amusing thing is that they have not shown any considerable improvement in teamplay even after 1 year+ of playing on the server, and yet they have perfect expectations from their team. (Please.. you are not swatfishy or general or chimi) You'd figure these members would show some maturity even after all this time.
  12. primereed

    Recommend me a new headset

    No, everyone goes to bestbuy cause you work there.
  13. primereed

    Recommend me a new headset

    i prefer behind-the-head mics because they are lighter for my ears which is important for a long gaming duration. I have something similar to this: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3092939 nothing fancy, just economical and comfortable.
  14. primereed

    No hax General

    I'm not convinced
  15. primereed

    Changing Full Heal

    I like the idea of nerfing heals, but I don't think the diminishing returns makes much of a difference in deterring the use of health kits. I would still heal my teammates nevertheless, since it effectlvely costs me only 4 pts/heal and it keeps everyone green and moving forward quickly. Personally, I think that the reset counter be disabled unless you end up being b/w [if that is possible], and then you can only be healed through kits, not !heal, just like an infected health kit. So a fair opportunity is given to the infected to kill any b/w. Also !heal can only be used when incapped because some players use it to deny the 3 pts that infected would otherwise get.