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  1. GeneWildest

    New Last Stand update

    Played a round of the new campaign last night. Really fun! Also, I finally got the "Good Guy Nick" achievement (play a campaign with a free weekend player). It was the last achievement I needed from the original set for years! Looking forward to playing the new stuff on the server when it's ready! Could I also get an invite to the Discord server as well? I don't think I've ever seen it.
  2. GeneWildest

    Trying to renew

    I'm having the same problem as well. Is the solution just to pm Crasx?
  3. GeneWildest

    Saturday Night Customs!!

    Are these ever happening again? I'd love to get the Saturday night customs going again. Any admin willing to do it?
  4. GeneWildest

    Some Statistical Analysis

    This is great stuff! How did you get the numbers? Just manually search each player and type them all in the spreadsheet? Is there any way we could get a full database dump to do a little more thorough analysis on the stats?
  5. GeneWildest

    Saturday Night Customs!!

    Customs tonight?
  6. GeneWildest

    Saturday Night Customs!!

    Customs tonight? I certainly hope so!
  7. GeneWildest

    Admins vs Scrubs (members)! - 11/09/15 (September)

    Is this gonna be on server #1 or server #2?
  8. GeneWildest

    Pathing or VIP or Custom tonight?

    All of the above? I'll be on, and I'd be down for any combination of pathing/custom/vip. Beware, though... I've been out of the country for a month, so I'm probably suuuuper rusty at l4d2...
  9. GeneWildest


    Customs / Pathing tonight? Perhaps VIP mode?
  10. GeneWildest


    Sheesh, last Friday was the only Friday for weeks that I could make it and it didn't happen! Now it's back and I'm going to miss. Think we could do a different night some week?
  11. GeneWildest

    infected health kits

    Maybe the 20 points could be used to buff Jockey somehow? I feel like there's not enough jockey love on the server. I think it'd be sweet if Jockey could have a chance of infecting. I'd use them more!
  12. GeneWildest

    Custommmmmmmmmmm Map Tonight 2/27/15

    Hey, I'd love to join you guys on the custom maps, but installing warcelona from the workshop doesn't seem to be working. It keeps giving me errors about conflicting files (only in the 3 parts of warcelona.) Has anyone else had these issues? Anyone have any tips about how to get around it? It won't let me connect and either gives me an error in the console, or just crashes my game when I try.
  13. GeneWildest

    Jackie Pathing Demo

    Definitely option 2. Maybe if the winning team is winning by more than 300 or so... Not sure if that would really keep it close or not, but it's worth a try...
  14. GeneWildest

    Jackie Pathing Demo

    What ever happened to this? I think this would be a really neat feature to sprinkle in randomly. If it were all the time it would just make it impossible for the survivors though. Maybe if one team is really blowing the other one out, you could make just their path a little harder?
  15. GeneWildest

    Ammo Pile

    Problem is... an ammo pile is ammo for everyone... including M60 and grenade launchers... Not sure 15 points is high enough, or if we want people with unlimited grenades/mg ammo...