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  1. Just got to wait for a BM to respond - sorry about this - I'll keep bugging the BMs


  2. General


    Ive been perma banned and it says im a jerk lol okay
  3. Strip Mercman of his admin powers. He likes to watch me get attacked and not help, happens often, more than you think. I am very good and observant, he watches the infected get points off me, a troll player if you ask me. Carlos is one of the better GC players, no attitude, doesn't bother people, he does work. my opinion.
  4. Hey if anyone can help me with this that'd be awesome, I'm getting the same problem.
  5. Hey, does anyone still play? I try to play every now and then, the servers are usually empty. I took a long break, finished school, got a job, got my own place and I actually started a family, my daughter is already 1, lol man time flies. Anyways if anyone still plays man add me up, like I don't play too often, maybe a few times a month but yeah I'm down, and yes I have a mic.
  6. being able to spawn an enraged witch that will target a random player would be nice, it would make them not so useless on some finales
  7. Its similar, 'cause when you're locked in a shove sequence, thats garunteed death, unless you suicide. No reason to act like this is going to be a major game changer, its a small suggestion
  8. Deadstopping doesn't always happen and you should know, its just too similar buying suicides on pinned survivors which was considered a stradegy. Besides this server works towards vanilla playstyle, cant buy suicides in 4v4, not saying remove it completely, just when you get shoved. Not everyone uses melee. , I just stopped that team from earning a tank, wheres my 2 points.
  9. Exactly, it bugs me when you're shoving an infected reloading, ready to kill, only for them to buy a suicide
  10. Would it be possible to remove suicide for infected soon after an attack, or getting shoved. Too many times have I deadstopped someone only for them to buy a suicide(gandalf, elias, soda) right after. I know its embarrassing but you gotta accept what just happened, take your death like a man! This includes mid-charge suiciding and rocket fail suicides
  11. I never got to really participate in this the last time but it was fun killing you
  12. Crunches are good for getting a beefy upper stomach, not so much getting toned. I'd suggest a strict diet with intense cardio if you want that tight skin, If you're looking to gain, that wrist will be needed, I had a few forearm injuries myself working out every now and then, usually from trying to curl too much. You want help on what to focus on but that is really something you should decide since its your body, you know look how you want to look.
  13. I'd like to be unbanned please, reason says I rush died and left. Game was near over and I stepped away for a bit, don't recall any rushing, came back to the other team and I was going to swap but it was 9v9, it would of been 10v8, by the time someone joined I was banned.
  14. I can still perform charger beat downs, I guess !heal has a timer?
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