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  1. JackieChan you seem to be the wizard here in Oz. Thank you for what you do since its impossible for me to understand even what that is. I still don't even know what a Facebook homepage looks like. The games not broke this is not a proposed fix just a fun thought. Is it possible to take each campaign and break it down to the 3-5 maps so that after one survivor/infected rotation it would scramble? If you had 10v10 and at the start of each map you scramble instead of each campaign. Also disable the scrambledeggs vote since it won't be necessary. Most of us can take getting crushed for 40 minutes and laugh at it knowing we won't wait 2 hours for the teams to realign themselves. I realize you may not be able to erase previous scores but people can see who wins the individual maps from tab. The idea is more or less to have more fun without people being on either side of a prolonged unbalanced game. Mini grudge matches for all. It would also be nice to get a chance to play with or against different people more often. Sometimes you might not be on the same team for over a week. Thanks for reading and the server is still full..........
  2. AKimposter

    Another Buy Plugin Idea

    A thought on kit tweaks. If we raise first aid kits to 10 and lessen the reward for healing others to 4, this makes 15 point full heals a better option since you get bonus health(100+total heath). It seems it would devolve teamwork to everyman for himself. Also healing a teammate with a kit creates an attack opportunity for the infected, which is great. If your concerned about overfarming with kits just decrease it to 3 and leave the buy price alone? If the purpose is to have more maps end with survivor deaths increasing the full heal cost might be best. See this is what happens when the server is at 22/22 you start reading the forum.............
  3. Sent in dues via PayPal 10/26/11 Steam ID 1:1:26296432