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  1. ekstergans

    Jackie Challenge

    I did beat you on all 4 on the 2nd screenshot. 5 kills = 1 achievement, 20 incaps = 2 achievements -> 3 achievements = tied with 4v4's 3 achievements My wish: fix boomer infection. Infection +2 currently doesn't count towards total points. Attached screenshot for clarification.
  2. ekstergans

    Jackie Challenge

  3. ekstergans

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I earned this achievement as an infected, doesn't seem quite right. Happened after a scramble moved me from survivors to infected.
  4. ekstergans


    That would be Antwerpen
  5. ekstergans


    Accidentally used the wrong currency, converted to USD the amount will be slightly more than november's dues STEAM_1:1:1413885