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  1. I was chatting while playing the l4d server, and your admin Pump, kicked me first for saying my team was a fail, which it was, so I rejoined and said I guess I wont say anything bad about my team again, Pump told me to drop the convo, so I told him to get a life, but as he requested dropped the convo, then he bans me from the server? Crazy... Anyways, just wanted to say I don't think what I said warranted a ban, I've played on your server for years and never had problems, I don't curse and abide by the rules. To ban banned for telling someone to get a life seems silly, and bordering on admin abuse. Anyways, if Pump was offended then I apologize, but I don't really think it was a big deal. Thanks. My steam name is - \/G - 50mhz My steam id is <STEAM_1:1:20827676>
  2. 50mhz

    Congrats you have just been kicked!

    The server cant handle more spectate slots? I mean those are designed just for the paying member. How many actual paying members are there? Say there are 30, and they all wanna join the server right before specialk has his two hours..... He still gets burnt...... I just think its polite to wait till the end of the round to kick a player for a member to join. It shouldn't be whoever has the lowest connection time, should be random. If a player is kicked for a member to join, that original players points should be given to the team, whether it survivor or infected.
  3. Okay so i know that a lot of people have been purchasing the member slots, in wake of "being kicked to make room for a member", and I for one have a beef with this. I have a beef with this in only one way, the kicking of non-paying players should be limited to the end of the round. So many times lately I have playing and been 2 points away from a tank and get kicked, or have had points that I was in the middle of sending someone for them to heal and get kicked. I agree paying members should get what they pay for, but there should be rules to it. It seems unfair to the rest of the team if someone on their team happens to be a non-paying player, but is actually helping the team a lot, has a bunch of points, randomly gets kicked for a paying player to join. I suggest that members should have to wait to at least the end of the current round. Call me a cheapskate or whatever, I can just see the door being open to abuse of this power if there are no rules to it.
  4. 50mhz

    Some possible idea or request

    well if they are on the infected team, that shouldn't be a issue, they have 20 second intervals to read....
  5. 50mhz

    Some possible idea or request

    Not to bring up an old post that went NO WHERE..... BUT.... I still think that a !help command that pops up with a menu that explains everything would be so much easier for everyone.... say someone that is new to the server joined and and was like "umm what?" "points?" "what do you mean send points?" his or her team members could just say look type !help and it will explain everything.... So much less work for everyone on the team, you just explain one command !help that explains every other command, and server basics.
  6. 50mhz

    Ammo Pile

    Well instead of an actual gift thats visible, you could just have the sound and give the person receiving the gift a point....
  7. 50mhz

    Ammo Pile

    Well how about gifts for the infected?
  8. 50mhz

    Ammo Pile

    I smell some hater-aide........ ok make it 20 pts, there are certain maps that would make this a great item to buy..... Ammo pile should be good for 10 ammo pick-ups.... your whole team..... I mean we have explosive pack and incen.. pack you can purchase, why not a ammo pile?
  9. 50mhz

    Ammo Pile

    A ammo pile reloads the M60 and Nade Launcher? WHERE THE F%*$ HAVE I BEEN!!?????? Seriously? I thought nade launcher and M60 had to buy ammo for the !buy menu, and it cost more..... >????
  10. 50mhz

    Ammo Pile

    I would like to be able to buy an ammo pile .... say maybe 15pts?
  11. 50mhz


    I think there should be a command !help , that brings up a menu in which explains basic and not so basic things about the server. So whenever someone joined that has never played before they could type !help and learn basics real quick. Also it would have to temp. disable moving that person into spectate, or just maybe delay it a bit, to avoid such player being kicked to learn basics.
  12. 50mhz

    Advice and Tips for NEW PLAYERS

    There would be no way to display any type of basic instruction when a new person joins the server?
  13. 50mhz


    I THOUGHT THIS WAS A CAPLOCK POST NOT A BIND POST? I have (1) bond for !buy. works just fine, because out of the buy menu you can pretty much get everything else. The Case sensitive commands i find annoying, is all I am trying to say. It really is annoying when a new person is in the server, along with trying to explain how everything works while playing, case sensitivity is just one more thing you have to teach, and well its just dumb, avoidable, and annoying sometimes...
  14. 50mhz

    kicked from 10v10 L4D2

    I think the reality of it, is your working with 9 other people and everything is going way too fast and sometimes, things get out of hand. Don't take it personally Ace I've been vote kicked before, and I'm friends with a few of the admins(on steam), its just how a 10v10 server goes sometimes. Mob rule can get ugly, i suggest just chalking it up to people having a not so fun day/game, and try back after a while. The regs attitudes change on a dime, for whatever reason, but generally you will have fun, if you can not hear the bs sometimes. AND STOP RUSHING!!! I'm totally kidding ! xD
  15. 50mhz


    Can we please change the commands so that they work wheter or not you type the commands in lower case? I cannot stand that each command has to be in lower case lettering to work. For instance if i type !HEAL does not work. Or !R or any command really. It is quite annoying.