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  1. Deathbringer

    Custom Campaign Coop?

    I want in! All you have to do is post the link to download the map on the forums or something.
  2. Deathbringer

    Bots being Mains

    Haha ya the people in the server are pretty chill most of the time. At least I know what they mean when they say "he's not a main leave him behind" 0_o
  3. Deathbringer

    Bots being Mains

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh ok that makes sense ty!
  4. Deathbringer

    Bots being Mains

    Im new to the community but not to l4d2, but what in the world is a main? they say it all the time and I have no idea what they are talking about -_-
  5. Deathbringer

    Paying Dues?

    Ah okay, I thought it was annually... was just making sure! Server is awesome will definitely consider supporting!
  6. Deathbringer

    Paying Dues?

    Hey, I'm sort of new to the community and I am considering supporting. I wanted to make sure though, do you pay by the month or for a year subscription? Thanks!