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  1. LadyYuri

    An Account of my rush on the server

  2. wait so isnt that considered rushing? if hes on the other side of the building where they have to go thru the front doors up the stairs to the left then run all the way out then drop to where turbo is? he obviously didnt have enough health to get jockey all the way over there. tank was up but after tank died he was alone... but that was funny
  3. LadyYuri

    Do you know what !np is?

    i do that too veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. LadyYuri

    Do you know what !np is?

    oh my when i saw the title i was like what the hehehehe is fnp? is that new? i dunno what it is.... then i was like oh my my eyes are so bad LAWL !np
  5. i wonder what it would be like if johnny didnt heal his SI so much
  6. LAWL im lost with this one
  7. LadyYuri

    Sorry I've been way so long... o_0

    the mic chat implied otherwise. ..."bolalas" hahaha but yeah, playing against deadlock + coach.za + that suikun guy was brutal, even if we were close most matches. lawl yeah i have my moments im like get out of here STAWP IT STAWP NOOOOOOOOOO
  8. LadyYuri

    Sorry I've been way so long... o_0

    tonight i was not havin fun at all. teams were uber stacked and dark carn is overplayed omgurd
  9. LadyYuri

    Sorry I've been way so long... o_0

    welcome back. i actually stopped by a week ago as well so see u in there
  10. LadyYuri

    Are you coming?

    that is one thing though its all the other groups that go. its not l4d crew
  11. hahaha oh my i just realized this HAHAHA <3 TALAPIA!!!
  12. some of us, mainly moi, cant focus enough for that LAWL
  13. so if this is the example that u are placing then whats the difference when people are shopping around buildings when you clearly dont need to considering GC has the point system. but we are only focusing on the survivors... waht about infected? will there be any rules to that? spit and die or get banned? i dont think thats a rule unless ive been gone far too long LAWL what i'm seeing is new rules are being placed and im not saying rules should not be changed or updated things do change but this rule is how did mad put it "Over exaggerate". edit: so from the video that i just watched i honestly would be bored out of my mind if i was just under that stage. so since new rules are being placed why not up it more. why not ban ppl for stumbling the tank as charger or boomer when tank is goin to hit ppl? it gives survivors a chance to not get rekt by tank