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  1. direkt

    So...my membership got revoked?

    grazie jackie!
  2. direkt

    Mercman abusing member votekick privilege

    And isnt this the same guy who kept saying lookback was some 1930's german massively abusing his admin powers because he was enforcing the rules and had a new thread almost weekly?
  3. I tried joining the l4d2 server today and I couldn't spec (stating it was for admins), I couldn't do a !who command, says I wasn't allowed to use such command when previously I could. My membership is supposed to disappear in July, if I missed something in the few months I was gone, forgive me and please enlighten me, but if I got removed off the membership roster then can I get back on it? I can't purchase a new membership via the store since I'm supposedly have an active membership. Danke!
  4. direkt

    Friday/Saturday/Sunday PUGs (Pick-Up Games)

    A thought I have, we can use that side server that we used the match for, that way the public server doesn't take a hit and people can still play. Would everyone be okay using the same cvars as with the match settings? No sending points, have to be healed with kit if b/w, FF ON, no Boomer infections/Gift Spawns. I thought the setings made it a BLAST to play and much more focused on team play. As for teams I think a minimum of 6v6 would suffice for a pug though 8v8 would be best. If you wanted to do 4v4 then we could set that up independantly of GC admins unless you wanted the plugins. Lastly, on the topic of creating teams, I think if we wanted to set up weekend PUGs maybe either have captians pick teams or people make a team that they like thats on and say let's go! Having random teams can be fun since we know each other but there are quite a few people that enjoy playing with particular people for whatever reason (ex. I like being on sessions/yuri's team because I like laughing when i play l4d2)
  5. direkt

    Anyone know anything about lookback?

    I'll take of it. Where is this vote....i wanna vote now! I see what you did there... P.S. Topic Change Required - "All Hail Jackie" REQUEST DENIED. END OF LINE.
  6. Our favorite admin hasn't been online in 10 days. He just kinda dropped off the map suddenly, was wondering if any of the admins or regulars happened to know where he went.
  7. direkt

    Score Ties. Jackie Help?

    reposting for jackie to get message to sky.
  8. direkt

    "Retro Week"

    Can we have retro week more often instead of once a quarter how about once a month? Spice things up quite a bit!
  9. direkt

    Making survivors side more challenging

    If that's the case then there's no point in buying them. Moly's you can at least throw and aim them, gas cans and fireworks crates you can't, plus you have to shoot them. Just get rid of them all together...it's like the pointless propane tank, who ever buys those?? I do. Why? Because i can.
  10. direkt

    I just can't get this game

    Rule of thumb: If person who appears to need points has yet to speak/type/write in blood/etc. I don't send points to if I don't recognize the name. If you have a history of holding spitters then my magic mountain of points will remain guarded by Charlie.
  11. direkt

    Pro tips

    As a survivor, you can dodge witch and tank swipes by circle jumping them. It doesn't guarentee that the swipe misses, but it can give you that extra second you need to kill a witch or to keep a tank from pinning you into a corner and punching you dead.
  12. direkt

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I liked that glitch. I exploited the hell out of it in Death Toll when we had people close to tanks.
  13. direkt

    Rush and then left to avoid kick

    nope. he ignored our requests to come back. He had a buddy who rushed ahead, he got kicked and yet SoSo still rushed again. This coming the round after he called his team morons because all the cars disappeared (after the 10 tanks on the sacrifice finale). Good riddance.
  14. direkt

    new to l4d2

    it ebbs and flows. One or two people can change the dynamic of a team during a campaign for better or for worse. If a teams getting rolled, eventually you'll get some regulars come in, but mainly it's like others said. If you're new, try to stick near the front...meaning be up around the front of the pack and stick close to a teammate. The back of the pack is the hardest part of the survivor group because infected will target stragglers. That said, don't BE the front of the pack either, don't run ahead and leave the pack behind because you'll get jockeyed or worse hunted.