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  1. EvolvedFire

    Monthly ranks (In addition to the overall ranks)

    From a non-codes logical view on life, could you simply copy-pasta all the code for the current ranking system, set a new save database, and have that database reset every month? Client side commands could be updated from !rank and !nextrank to !monthrank and !monthnextrank Or am I looking at things to simply?
  2. I couldn't find this suggested anywhere else. Would it be possible to implement monthly rankings alongside the overall rankings? At the moment the overall rankings seem to favour those that have been playing longer Thoughts? Would it be possible?
  3. EvolvedFire

    Joining when no one is in

    Hey, I was just trying to join the server in the hopes that it would get some others to join, and ya know, fill it up. But it would seem that when I join the server shuts down because there ain't anyone on the opposing team. Am I missing something, but how do the first people join to start filling the server?
  4. EvolvedFire

    Donated but no reserved slot/!hat!lights

    Cheers :-) (Impressively fast response btw) Mike
  5. I donated but I ain't got a reserve slot or access to !hat and !light :-( (Not that bothered about !hat/!light but really want that reserve slot ) email: mike@mikebrown.be SteamID: steam_0:0:2570245 Sorry for making the new thread. Cheers and thanks in advance Mike
  6. EvolvedFire

    First post - Dues paid

    Sorry for the bump/Lack in reply, was building my new pc due to old one breaking, the paypal email was mike@mikebrown.be steamID steam_0:0:2570245 Is it that I am allowed to go afk? or is the reserved slot including the 21 and 22/22 slots? Cheers
  7. EvolvedFire

    First post - Dues paid

    Paid a few days ago but haven't got a reserved slot yet?