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  1. Would a server wide project be a good way to get us working together? Maybe connecting that minecart 'grand central station' to some of the major locations? Any ideas out there?
  2. Hi Tirtul, Just getting back into the server after a hiatus, would like to claim a couple of my bases (I'm McFu in Minecraft) Also getting my son involved, how can I share a claim? Looking for a sticky that documents how claims work. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction? If off topic then a DM is welcome. Thanks for your work on the server! -Dave007
  3. Please add my boys N0ahinat0r and EvanTaztic
  4. Please add my son N0aninat0r
  5. dave007

    How's tricks?

    Is there a way to get a map of the world as it is? How about a map of the nether, locations of portals? Might help to plan out jerk and jane's railway destinations
  6. dave007

    How's tricks?

    Just came back on, found Jerky on there building a railroad, was the first time I'd seen someone on in a couple months. Are there any scheduled events on the server? Maybe try a building project, like connecting the far reaching portals? Or maybe a PVP match? Maybe find and remodel a water temple together? Is there a working map of member's bases or grinders? That would be cool. Message me or PM on steam (DCore) I'd be happy to help someone build something.. not much fun alone anymore, at least until I get inspired by an update or something new to try.
  7. NM died bravely and retrieved stuff. Weird glitch had me ported inside the obsidian.
  8. Hey Minecrafters, So I just entered the portal from nether to village spawner in the GC survival map. I end up in blackness, can't pick, and start suffocating. I disconnected before dying. I hear the villagers so I'm in the right place.. I don't want to panic, but would like someone to be on that location when I log in case I bite the dust and drop my goodies. Any takers, please add me (dave_007 on steam, I usually play L4D as DCore.) and message when you'll be on to meet me, alive or dead. Thanks!
  9. dave007

    Banned, why?

    Thanks for the response, no comment on the 'learn to be helpful'. I won't argue with Meng he gets enough grief. BTW suggest putting this link on to of the 'Banned on our servers' sticky. http://gamrs.co/foru...ages/sourcebans
  10. Banned after a game last night, would like to know why. I'm DCore.
  11. dave007

    FRIDAY the 19th Custom Map Night

    Hello GCers, Merc will this be a weekly thing perhaps, or monthly? I found JackieChan's Steam Workshop collection link in another thread, if this collection will have the GC approved custom maps added, (just Warcelona and Urban Flight right now) maybe good to share it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292423615 Thanks guys -DCore/dave007
  12. Hi Pump, Thanks for your response. Could you share the log of the discussion and the warn? Could send it privately if you like. The ban was today and I don't recall the discussion or warning. Maybe you typed it and I didn't read it. Did I acknowledge the discussion or warning? Could I get a reality check from someone else, would giving someone advice to rush, but 'ONLY IF U R OPPOSING TEAM', if they are on the opposing team, really be taken seriously and acted upon by a reasonable person? If I'm in the wrong and encouraging people to break server rules, and this is a valid decision then I accept your punishment. Three days is a long time not to play, is this the right length of time for a first offense of such a magnitude? -DCore
  13. I'm DCore, GC member, just because I love the GC L4D2 servers. Got a lot of new people who don't understand the no rushing rule. When they rush and their friends are being eaten in the back I like to post sarcastic comments like 'WE ARE FINE BACK HERE, PLEASE MOVE UP' I'm hoping that this is amusing, but also clueing people in that maybe they're not doing right. Well, Push was banning rushers, telling people not to rush, and I wrote something like: 'UNLESS U R OPPOSING TEAM' I think this is sarcastic, but if they think, they might realize what I'm saying is that rushing wins the game.. for your opponents. So next map begins and I'm banned, no communication, no warning, been at least an hour. I realize being a mod is not easy, but perhaps this was heavy handed, or Push was having a rough day. If this ban ha merit in the readers opinion, how long will it last? -DCore
  14. Would like to check out the GC Minecraft server, may I join? McFu is the minecraft name.