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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17832706 Server: !buy 10v10 #1 Time: Just now (17:50 GMT) Reason for ban: I assume rushing? The team was split almost evenly in two - 5 in front, 5 behind. I was trying to stay in the middle to spawn block, not leave anyone behind, but also not get left behind myself. Someone in front got incapped and I tried to help them up. This took several tries because I kept getting attacked. As I was helping them up for like the 4th time, I got banned. I assumed I was banned for being in front while there were people far behind us. I'm also assuming that the entire half of the team that was ahead wasn't also banned. I know the rules, i have hundreds of hours of play time on this server, and I wasn't rushing. I'd apologize for my actions but I don't even know for sure why I was banned. Maybe something else was going on, I had the voice volume turned all the way down so I don't know if someone was trying to talk to me.
  2. napalm22

    Making survivors side more challenging

    This is a really good idea. Playing survivor is very controlled and monotonous. This would make it frantic and exciting like it's supposed to be.
  3. napalm22

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Jackie I think you seriously overnerfed the ak with all this stuff. According to my math (which could be off) the ak only has 273.3 dps, while the scar and m16 sit at 368.4 and 376.2. combined with this recoil stuff its actually a crap tier gun now - not just a weaker assault rifle. I actually think the recoil stuff is really cool though, if you put it in all the ARs and auto shotties it would introduce a new skill we could all work on Shots per second used to be 7.69 and now its 7.67. Damage used to be 58 and now its 41. 7.67*41 = 314 dps Though I do think decreasing the firing time was unnecessary. The AK already had the slowest firing time of all the tier 2 weapons. But I guess this makes the M16 the new best weapon. Take note everyone!
  4. napalm22

    Rank reset please!

    Leave stats alone. Most of the top 10 people have spent over a thousand hours in game. If you wan't to be #1, you'll have to do the same. /stats don't matter, its a game, ect, ect
  5. napalm22

    Making survivors side more challenging

    Or a submenu that lets you pick the type of horde. A horde of riot cops would be tough.
  6. napalm22


    Being able to buy boomer bile on every survivor is such an amazing idea! Think of all the new strategies this would bring into the game. I love this idea of add features to the game that will make us rethink our tactics. I'm not worried about balancing our survivors and infected (because you both get to play as each), but adding something like this would make the game more fun! And isn't that what it's all about? I played on one server where infected could buy "common headshots." This meant that common infected could only be killed by a headshot and it really increased the importance of melee weapons. Right now melee isn't very useful because a team of 10 survivors quickly kills off the commons before they become an issue. On another note, right now infected can only buy upgrades that help the whole team. What about being able to upgrade the damage of your spitter spit or the duration of your boomer bile? There's a lot of upgrades you can add once you consider individual upgrades and not just team ones.
  7. napalm22

    The BIG Tip Video Project

    THIS! Too many people fail to grasp that the purpose of the tank isn't to do damage. The most effective tank will stand on a roof or something throwing rocks while the rest of your team deals a ton of damage to the survivors. The survivors aren't going to advance as long as the tank is alive, so just keep throwing rocks and let your teammates pick them off. The exception I guess is when there are narrow hallways or alleys with cars and dumpsters to throw around, you can do a lot of damage like that. What else? Boomer is one of the best characters in the game. You can easily rack up a bunch of points by dropping in on a group. You also provide essential cover for the rest of your team. Keep the boomers coming!
  8. napalm22

    Different L4D2 characters

    I run this Rochelle mod http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=11523
  9. napalm22

    We have materializing chargers now?

    No way to prove if it was intentional or not, just wait to see if he does it again. Cuvire is really good though. I was a tank and he was the last survivor and he faced me one on one with a frying pan and brought me down to just a couple hundred HP, it was nuts.
  10. napalm22

    Personal Achievements? I think I win.

    Hard Rain elevator. We whooped them.... that round :/
  11. napalm22

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Same, its a good addition. Nice work. edit: sendpoint are disabled. Is that a permanent change?
  12. napalm22

    "Justified Rushing"

    I don't think there's been a problem with rushing lately. Look, if your team is getting owned by spit/chargers in a death trap and there's one guy down Its ok to leave him for the benefit of the team overall. And in my opinion, the only time rushing is justified is when you're both a main and know (not think, but know) that your team is done for and the round is over so you run for it and get those extra 50 points. If you get further than 50 points worth of distance, chances are you shouldn't have been rushing. We don't need to define new rules, I think it's pretty obvious when someone is acting for the benefit of the team or the benefit of themselves. Vote kick accordingly.
  13. napalm22

    Steam is coming to linux

    Yeah, in another article they said that L4D2 was going to be the first game ported to Linux.
  14. napalm22

    Keyboard shortcuts

    I use: b - !buy h - !heal k - !ammo p - !points l - !laser
  15. napalm22

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    Awesome work man. Funny how much of a difference something so simple makes. Great work, you're a kickass admin.