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  1. Sashimi

    Hey, a crappy video!

    A bolt action Barret M82 bothers me more than it should.
  2. Sashimi

    going thru withdrawal

    You and me both.
  3. Sashimi

    Server Version needs Update

    This post owns and you own. Thanks for fixing the server!
  4. Sashimi

    Sending & asking 4 points

    For Crash's !rsp menu, I feel like another thing that could help is if there was some way to differentiate between mains and other survivors, maybe write the names of mains in different colour text.
  5. Sashimi

    Membership Renewal Trouble

    Alright, makes sense. Thanks!
  6. Sashimi

    Membership Renewal Trouble

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I paid my dues for another year two days ago, yet I still don't have access to all the members commands and reserved slots. Help? I already contacted support about this, but that was more than 12 hours ago and nothing so far from them.
  7. Sashimi

    Custom Maps

    I'd still love to see something like a custom campaign night, where members are informed in advance of the time and the maps to be played (only one or two per session). Only problem would be organizing it, and possibly agreeing on maps.
  8. Sashimi

    Friday/Saturday/Sunday PUGs (Pick-Up Games)

    I love the sound of this! Also, just thought that something like this might be a good time to give custom maps a try as long as everyone interested is given a heads-up. No need to worry about waiting for people to download campaigns or dealing with a lack of pubbies who don't have the campaign being played.
  9. Sashimi

    Game update, server issn t working

    It's back up now.
  10. Sashimi

    increasing price of ak

    If it was up to me, I'd make the AK cost 8 and have the other assault rifles cost 6 (M16) or 7 (SCAR, SG552). *edit* Actually, come to think of it, grenade launcher at only 10 is a bit of a bargain if you ask me, especially when the M60 is what, 15 points and can't be refilled?
  11. Sashimi

    Dues Paid

    I've been playing here long enough that I figured it's about time I donated, so I just paid my dues. Looking forward to that reserved slot! Oh, and hats...