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  1. <looks left> <looks right>



  2. Kel passed away a little over a week ago. Faith allows me to accept it without feeling overwhelming despair. I get a little sad at times but mostly I feel at peace. The kids are doing ok- I give them plenty of attention. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers over the months and years, it made a difference. No need to reply, just sending out a quick update and thank you. I look forward to seeing you all in game. Duke
  3. Update: Kel is still fighting, but losing the fight. We spend many nights on the couch holding hands, reminiscing about life's funny moments. Tonight laughter was brought up by Fragfest memories so I thought I'd jump into the forums for a quick shout out. Whether it be my daughter, my wife or my brother I know this place prays for my family. Thanks to all. Go hug your kids. Duke
  4. May God bless you and your family.
  5. Hello to all. Thanks for the kind words and prayers. Kel is putting up a good fight- she's off a little, but overall she's doing well. I think about this place often and I have it on my 'to do' list to upgrade to the latest CS version. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.
  6. MrDuke

    Hmmm. 84 pages of new topics to read

    So a trolling I go, fa-la-la-ing along with an edgy beat... noticing most of my content involves A) closets; stalking C) bribes D) A&B E) all of the above. Disturbing Question: Suspiciously similar to teh Easter bunny, does the sig nazi still exist? I mean. you believe, right? did the counting thread die (finally?)? did someone remember to feed m0m? slide a pizza under the door? drop off a new pound of bacon? something? did shep ever come back from wow? did Fat ever get that oozing rash taken care of? did anyone ever buy GC Jesus a new boot?? I'd look but I'm too lazy to use the search bar... it's all the way up there ^
  7. MrDuke

    Hmmm. 84 pages of new topics to read

    Sigh. Impertinent teenagers. How are you SJ?
  8. Might need to check in more... Hi!
  9. It worked perfectly- thanks to all for contributing to my delinquency!! I can now do 50% less work and still report out a decent number.
  10. ok, last question. promise. if I wanted to round those numbers or change decimal places to 0, how/where would I incorporate that? The numbers I'm getting show decimals and I don't want those. Sorry to ask. I do drugs, not coding. (let the jokes begin).
  11. Thanks M0m! If I said the code is Delphi, would that make sense (and would it change the syntax?)?
  12. It counts the number of records approved by a user. I want to modify it so if the count is less than 150, the count is increased 50%. If the count is 151-200, increase it 30%. If the count is 201-250 increase it 15%. Thanks! Declare @StartDate datetime, @EndDate datetime Set @StartDate = '' Set @EndDate = '' select f.review_user_id, count(f.review_user_id) as 'Count', (u.fname + ' ' + u.lname) as 'User', 'Type'= case when f.wf_status_cn = 630 then 'Failed' else 'Passed' end, @StartDate as 'Start', @EndDate as 'End' from cprx_workflow f left join csuser u on f.review_user_id = u.user_id where wf_status_cn in (630,920) and review_date >= @StartDate and review_date <= @EndDate + 1 group by f.review_user_id, u.fname, u.lname, f.wf_status_cn
  13. I just can't commit to this; too busy right now. Sorry guys
  14. Let me chat with Mini. Seems we're due for a GC league.