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  1. Lyndy

    Don't you love it when-

    Why sankyuu. And you don't have to record them. You just have to download the replays (then you copy the match id with the time to the clipboard and send it in). There should be a download available for replay for most pub matches.
  2. -you're semi-featured on Dota's YouTube channel? :V I sent in a clip for Dota's Top 10 Weekly, because I believed something that happened on my team was worth to be featured. Well, it wasn't featured in the Top 10 videos, but featured in a guide for Phantom Assassin. You can see me (as Vengeful, who saves Phantom) and Talpa (as Bounty) and Meng as Invoker. But you can't see Kira. :< But lolz. I was watching the video, and I was like "....this seems so freaking familar. ...OH HEY. HOLY CRAP" yeah. Time 0:36. so freaking epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcR10goeRto
  3. Lyndy

    Admin abuse?

    Everyone picks on me. ;(
  4. Lyndy

    What GC member would you like to fight with.

    I could totally take DreamZ. I would win without a doubt - if it was a fight of awesomeness. <3
  5. Lyndy

    Dota 2 Beta Key

    I didn't nag you. I just convinced you to want the game is all.
  6. Lyndy


    Yo, sometimes it can be just luck, or skill. Every once in awhile I get these "hard-to-get" headshots. I believe these are called long distance headshots, and you get three points for them. But really, they're not that hard, actually. And I believe I have a picture for this occasion.
  7. Lyndy


    There are several other members that have made shots through walls; not just the people you named. I'm sure after playing on the server for a year can make you pretty experienced. :S But that's just common sense, so who knows.
  8. Lyndy

    [BAD-BEHAVIOR] Stoids - potty mouth

    Nah, they're mostly just trolling. I mostly remember when him and TIMES butt heads. It was entertaining, but Uncle Ho's attitude got old - worse than TIMES, and that's saying something (lol).
  9. Lyndy

    [BAD-BEHAVIOR] Stoids - potty mouth

    I agree with Turbo. No one should get banned for just one offense (unless they were horribly rude/whatever). Just a warning for the first one, and a ban if they do it again. Like for example - Uncle Ho. He is always so rude when online, yet he's still here? And you ban this person for one comment. I don't believe that's right.
  10. Lyndy

    What would you do!

    *sigh* when I was leaving my house for work study today, the neighbor that I called the cops on decided to confront me. And I was like "...oh poop." She was like "Are you the one who called the cops on me? Why didn't you come ask me instead to turn it down?" "because I did that once already a couple months back." "But I turned it down, didn't I?" ..... yeah, supposed to keep it down. But she kept on going on a rampage and was like "IT WASN'T EVEN NIGHTTIME. IT WASN'T LIKE I WAS HAVING A PARTY. ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME KICKED OUT?!?!?!?!?" (she really said those things) and finally I was like "fine, I'll just ask you to turn your music down instead of calling the cops. -_-" "Whatever." But the whole time, I was like BECAUSE I JUST WOKE UP. LITERALLY JUST WOKE UP. UGH. Y U TALK TO ME WHEN I JUST WAKE UP.
  11. Lyndy


    love the chibi. <3 so adorable~
  12. Lyndy

    What would you do!

    Okay, so, I think I found out another thing my neighbors are doing. They are frickin' stealing from me. =) How much? $121 I believe. I got a call from Comcast saying I owe them $121 for a service I cancelled two months ago. I didn't even use any data, so it's like "oh my what the frick. How is that even possible." Well, I checked the mail recently, and I see a comcast letter. Check the apartment number. It's their apartment number with my name on it (was on the ground). So... uhm... yeah, I'm tinkled. Can't even call Comcast about this until tomorrow.
  13. Lyndy

    Personal Achievements? I think I win.

    I believe I got around 110 from spit in that same area. Definitely gives off a great feeling. <3
  14. Lyndy

    Tanks getting stuck

    Only way I was able to be able to move was to attack a boomer as tank so I can stagger. But yeah, it's annoying as hell. Whoever can fix it, please do so. It's like "Yo, I'm a tank, and I'm supposed to kill you, but you can kill me instead since I'm that nice. <3"