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  1. Uoodo

    No Renewal From Me

    Sorry to see you go Vlad. Had some pretty fun times. Just remember you know where to go when (if?) l4d3 comes out.
  2. Uoodo

    Lord Stanley's Cup

    24! 24! 24! Probert forever. Anyways... Awesome pics and Jersey . Goes well with the cup:-)
  3. Uoodo

    The hunter needs to be toned down.

    Im with Gary on this. Its not about points but teamwork. Playing ONLY hunter until you get a tank all the time i think is a selfish way to play. Same people over and over and when I say anything all i hear is same old bragging bout their skills. Hell even this thread has some nice humble bragging. Dont care about changing points, teamwork is what made this sever so good.