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  1. JackHammer

    Farewell Friends

    I have enjoyed my time playing of GCFTW. But unfortunately Thursday the 9th of Aug 2012 I must leave for graduate school, leaving behind my PC. And sadly the old MacBook will not run LFD2. Kudos to Jackie and any other programers for creating a great server, and the the Admins and Members for creating a great environment. Perhaps I can return one day long enough for a membership to be worth it. Good Luck all. JackHammer.
  2. JackHammer

    Server Achievements

    Thnx! Is it 3 points when you achieve one? Just kidding found it says 5pts.
  3. JackHammer

    Server Achievements

    Forums have provided great information about playing on the server. Lots of appreciation from us little people. My question is if there is a list i missed or if we could get a small list of the server only achievements that were added. Thanks JackHammer