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  1. rhorizon


    Well, if it's the situation that I think it is, I was the one who left last night and offered my spot to player A. Saw player B hop in right as I logged off. Didn't realize that it became an issue.
  2. rhorizon

    VIP Mod

    I'll test with you guys - just spit out a time and I'll make sure I'm free.
  3. rhorizon

    !Votekick While Admin is on! Why cant we?

    Jumping off ledges/ladders/into kill zones, repeatedly downing themselves, rushing, etc: Trolling/griefing Constantly falling prey to spit, lagging behind, getting mobbed, ending a surv round with 30+ points: We've all been there I've rarely seen situations where there has been legitimate trolling and that person wasn't dealt with by an admin. The few times I've noticed it, I made the call out over chat, and started a !votekick if necessary. That's it. That's the plan. That's community. Work together - admins included. There doesn't need to be a complicated, drawn out, "members get more power" plan here because we're all enabled to do the right thing and make the call outs. If you're frustrated with how it's currently being dealt with, talk to an admin. If you want to take a hands on approach with it, apply for admin. In my opinion, if you have any other perceived issue and you've not tried talking it out, you can vote with your presence.
  4. rhorizon


    oh my toner is civilization
  5. rhorizon

    Admin Request

    Well, there's always a cursory glance through the first forum page... Welcome to the forums! Hope this answers your question for ya
  6. rhorizon

    Happy birthday Tsunami!

    American small batch whiskey barrel stouts - go!
  7. "System32? Nah, that sounds bogus man get rid of it..."
  8. rhorizon

    Team !swap Script Idea

    I ran into a situation tonight where the teams were heavily unbalanced but I wasn't able to switch teams to self-balance because the server was packed full. Is there a script out there that we could implement (or create) that would allow users to swap with another willing player given a certain point/PPM imbalance in the teams? Example: The command !swap would be called by someone willing to swap sides and would require a !swap response from a player on the opposite team. The server then analyzes if the swap would imbalance or solve the balance issues between the teams. If it's agreeable in the numbers, the server swaps the two volunteers for each other's team spots. If multiple players call !swap, then it falls to the player with the most agreeable variables or the first player to answer to the original !swap. It allows teams to be adjusted without admin input, would prevent stacking via the numbers check (whatever check would normally be used to prevent stacking), and allows for switching teams when agreeable and when no open spots are available on either side. In a perfect world, we can adjust ourselves without leading to further imbalance. Am I crazy? Did I miss something? Is my idea bad and I should feel bad?
  9. rhorizon

    Ward Off Infected w/ Nic Cage

    http://kotaku.com/this-nicolas-cage-flashlight-will-keep-you-safe-in-left-1182592411 BRB, have to go download something from the workshop...
  10. rhorizon

    Unable to connect to server

    Ah, never mind, it looks like the server bit the dust for a few minutes
  11. rhorizon

    Unable to connect to server

    I randomly dropped connection from the server about 15 minutes ago. The rest of my network is running just fine, and it looks like the server itself is running just fine, but I get a string of failed reconnects before it just stops trying.
  12. rhorizon

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I'm assuming something's broken again - just got a "Max Human Players (8/8)" notice
  13. rhorizon

    Make Yoshi the only Main?

    And a jockey pops out and you can ride it. We should most definitely make this happen. In Soviet Russia...
  14. rhorizon

    Make Yoshi the only Main?

    Well if we're going down that slippery slope then there needs to be a mod that lets you slurp up tanks and poop out gifts.
  15. rhorizon

    GC L4D2 Update

    Oh man, I leave you guys for 9 months and you break things - JUST to fix it right on my arrival back? You shouldn't have. /s But really, apparently the server exploded and you guys fixed it proper - thanks for the hard work and code sifting!