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    Jackie Challenge

    So you're who I have to blame for that? I'm not particularily a fan of being a tank - too much pressure to perform! Plus there were so many sweet spots for chargers/smokers/etc. My technique? Rushing in and hitting all the red and yellow survivors (or blocking the path in an enclosed space where they could only come at me a few at a time) - If I had had a car to use I would have really piled on the damage.... The two times I followed other people directions to stay back, use rocks and not give them a chance to put me on fire, I only got a couple of incaps and wasnt very effective at stopping/slowing them down. Yeah, I didnt have a very long lifespan going in (it wasn't that short, either), but we had more than enough points to keep buying tanks. (And witches. I think I bought a dozen of them...) Unfortunately, either way, they got through. :-(