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Status Updates posted by hatter274

  1. im back! ive been away from gc for a while now, finally decided to get back to the community i love

  2. Merry Christmas peoples!

    1. Reomet


      Merry Christmas!

  3. meeting new family members of my uncles, wish me luck ;P

  4. Its friday ppls, time to do a whole lot of nothing

  5. Is their a way to check when your membership is expired? cus i can't remember when i got mine

    1. san`


      November 10th.

  6. im almost back to l4d, my concution i got on nov. 13 is almost recovered and i should be back in the server in a week or so. Thank god this is almost over,(I can play some other games now though, ones without guns and flashy stuff)

  7. Yo if anyone follows all sham no wow on twitch, hes streaming on the l4d server right now , just though that ws kindof a cool thing

  8. welp concussions suck :P cant game for a bit and end of my soccer season, sad times..

    1. FacePalmSmash


      did you concuss the other person better at least? :-p get well!

  9. I'm back, you may resume your lives.

  10. Ah time for vacation, going to wildwood till next sat. Don't do anything interesting without me

  11. cs:go is telling me to "raise the minimum allowed ping on servers" and i can't get on to any servers, and yes I tried raising the ping limit. Any suggestions?

    1. walkingCat


      what server do you wanna connect to? Did you search forums for this issue?

      Sometimes, servers have a limit of ping and if it's too high you will be kicked.

      cl_cmdrate 128

      cl_updaterate 128

      cl_interp 0

      cl_interp_ratio 1

      rate 128000

    2. hatter274


      I tried joining a random hostage mission and after that didn't work tried the other game types, all did the same.

    3. hatter274


      Also there is no server list, this was happening with tf2 where there "were no servers available" but that stopped and this started about the same time it stopped. Probably some correlation.

  12. Last day of track exited to start doing more nothing.

  13. Anyone able to help explain ventrilo to me, first time trying to use it and was wondering it it worked on windows 8 as well as other basics

    1. Madvillain


      It does work with Windows 8, send me a PM if you still have questions

  14. Ugh, i'm tired.....

  15. MMMM ice cream, too much ice cream..........

    1. looneypumpkin
    2. hatter274


      it is if you see it the next morning, won't go into details, but you get the picture.

    3. looneypumpkin


      the answer is more ice cream.

  16. Hmm, I really should find out how to start a topic, anyone want to help?

    1. TheDude


      top right corner (not on the main page)

    2. hatter274


      aha!, my screen wasnt scrolled all the way to the right.

  17. Running is tiring....

  18. Ah sleep, you allude me again.

    1. MPG1770


      Aye, there's the rub

    2. Madvillain


      [Like This]


      LoL Maestro

  19. ahhh spring, actually being nice out and not snowing, for that we thank you.

  20. FINALLY! I have a working microphone!

    1. Madvillain


      I hope you dictated this status update in with your new mic.

  21. Finally got me a 5.1 sound-card to go with my new headset, so ill be speaking form time to time now :)

  22. Its mah birthday!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Madvillain


      Happy Birthday!

    3. MPG1770


      Birthday's, the only time to have your cake and eat it, enjoy

    4. mavC


      Happy Birthday hatter.


  23. Got a turtle beach headset today, my parents are awesome(it was ordered online so it should come soon)

    1. Madvillain


      Congrats, you will be able to serenade Lookback when he gets back.

    2. lousiest
    3. Madvillain


      Pics or it didn't happen!

  24. Its almost mah birthday!(hoping to get a mic so you all can here my lovely voice!) dundundun...

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