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  1. Davejb

    Lots of crashes lately

    Today was a not so fun day, the server had just restarted from a crash when I joined, crashed 2 more times during my course of play, and just as I'm about to aquire the comfort of the safe room I get booted to make room for a member. Fun times.
  2. Davejb

    New guy :)

    I think you may have munched on them already Just let me know if you need mustard or anything
  3. Davejb

    New guy :)

    Not overbearing at all, I like a guy that looks out for the team. I already am developing a list of those that play for the enjoyment of it, and those that apparently have no life and take the game way too seriously. The latter are usually the ones that like to ridicule others failed attempts. If you have to call someone else stupid to make yourself feel better, you might want to find a new hobby. They're only hurting themselves though, if I have to make a choice between saving the guy that's fun to play with or saving the jerk, the jerks gonna die every time
  4. Davejb

    New guy :)

    I printed out a list of all the commands from the sticky just so I have them, but the game is so fast paced I find if I stand still for more than a few seconds to bring up a chat window to do anything, I become an instant target. Might have to bind more keys I guess. Matt Kemp it was!
  5. Davejb

    New guy :)

    Yup, spent some time reading all the stickies, got some key binds set up, read the newb advice. I played a game last night and there was a guy that appointed himself "point master" for lack of a better term. I don't recall his name, Matt maybe? Anyway he was basically spouting off who needed points and how many at times, was very helpful for the team (or at least for me). I have no idea how he was able to keep track of everyones status and still keep himself alive, I have a hard time keeping track of just myself and staying alive.
  6. Davejb

    New guy :)

    Hey all, just joined the forum after playing a few games on the server. Seems to be a good bunch of people on there. I have around 700 hrs of regular VS so I'm not new to it, but have found 10 on 10 requires a few changes in thinking. I don't think I've screwed up too bad so far though, other than going back for a team mate and getting myself killed along with them, but it's in my nature to keep my team on their feet. One thing that has been causing me delay in helping people is those needing points. With all the action going on I can't keep an eye on the chat so I miss the requests (unless I'm dead). And when someone requests points via voice I have no idea who they are so I have to ask who they are, and with my less than stellar typing skills, once I find out who they are it takes a few seconds to type the command, so if I'm slow getting my points shared don't worry, they'll get to you eventually I've also figured out that rather than just buying a tank when I hit 50 points, I tell my team I have 50 points and ask them to tell me when they want me to buy it, as I haven't got that figured out yet either. Anywho, I'm enjoying the game play, and for those I see in game don't hesitate to give me some constructive advise. Just a hint though, telling me my charger sucked because I miss aimed and ran into a door frame isn't constructive, I already know it sucked, and telling me so will only get you a reply you probably won't like, I'm 45 years old, either talk to me like an adult or don't talk to me at all It's pretty easy to tell who the veteran players are, and I've seen them fail completely on more than one occasion, so please keep that in mind before you decide to comment on someone elses failure. See you in game!