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  1. Yeah, that's what I though. I currently left all random groups (only staying in the ones I know don't have L4D servers), but there are still some servers that are showing up.. I'm also in the Gamerscoalition group, but it doesn't show up on that list anymore. I think I done goof'd something..
  2. Through google all I could find was people telling other people to "leave the group". The problem is, I'm not in any steam groups that have L4D servers (I'm not in Misfit Gamers/MTMS group) but it still shows up. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? EDIT: Pic here http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/558692947302238143/5B1175D0C42A2102F953EF8DF72BDB15FCAEFE21/
  3. I didn't meant 'all' as everyone, rather something along the lines of giving all your points to someone. For example, "!sp fxsoap all" would give you all my points. The reason I find that helpful is because normally, if you don't calculate the points in your head, you'd have to type !points to check how many points you have, and then "!sp fxsoap ##"
  4. For !sp, have "all" as a variable option. I think this would be useful when you're dead and not a main, you can quickly give your points to the last main alive so they can heal and whatnot. 2. Some other commands for efficiency !witch, !tank, !spitter, !charger, etc. !p (!points) I'm not sure what's currently being worked on with the plugin, and I'm not saying these are NEEDED, just a personal opinion. As far as lrn2keybind goes, personally, I'd rather type than to accidentally hit a key when I don't mean to.