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  1. TheChief

    Let's stop being unhealthy

    and take a break from video games and do some pushups
  2. This is awesome, please do this
  3. TheChief

    Gangnam Style? Session you weirdo

    This sensation is bad and it should feel bad
  4. TheChief

    Stable Server

    ...and the server is the down
  5. TheChief

    Fun fact

    Kiwis are often at their ripest during a full moon
  6. You have yet to sacrifice a lamb or a virgin to the GamerCoalition Gods.
  7. TheChief

    New Plugin Public Test

    I think it could work if it were balanced and a huge plugin like this needs time to be tested just like a real game. My opinions on ways to keep it balanced (includes some ideas from other's previous posts) 2 Medics each with a 60 second Medkit cooldown. However, the heal time is cut in half If the Civilian class stays, there should only be 4 and they should be the mains. But personally I think if the civilian class stays they should get throwables that have a 3-4 minute cooldown. Support class seems kinda silly and Assault should be renamed "Soldier" and they can use Assault rifles and auto-shotties but each of them can only drop 1 ammo pile. Also a few more assault would help. Snipers should be able to drop laser sights if they achieve a certain number of headshots. Infected don't get to choose which one they want to be. Since they can't choose the class they want the infected should be able to mark 1 person on the Surviors. This way they can try to take down the medic, assualt, etc. more easily Also, thank you Jackie for doing all this and volunteering your time to create a new plugin for all of us to enjoy, P.S. Gnome Hat
  8. TheChief

    Biggs distributes lag to the enemy team

    No further comments
  9. Biggs (Copyright 2012) has put a trademark license on lag and freely distributes it to the other team to make his power greater.
  10. TheChief

    New Plugin Public Test

    I will volunteer my body
  11. TheChief

    Safe room Doors

    how would that work Yes What
  12. TheChief

    Safe room Doors

    how would that work Yes
  13. TheChief

    New Plugin Public Test

    I love this idea and would try it out, I think it would be better if everyone had a class rather than civilian
  14. TheChief

    Safe room Doors

    Can we add saferoom doors to the buy menu?