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  1. I had put up about 20 warnings to the team throughout the game, yet several players (including you, even though you may have just connected) rushed WAYYYYY ahead of other team members leaving them for dead. I used a ban format that SHOULD have only banned for 1 day. I think I unbanned you from sourcebans this morning - but the program is acting funky. I will have another admin check the status, or will try again later today. Please read the MOTD to avoid another kick/ban scenario. Even if there are teammates rushing ahead, do not rush to catch up with them. The only time we view this as acceptable is when the entire team has decided it is in the teams best interest to leave "the bots" (non player characters) - you should make a good effort to escort the bots to the safe room.
  2. slarfnar

    case sensitivity

    I was asked if it is possible to get the case sensitivity of server based commands removed. Is it? I know even I sometimes type !Np 5 and there is no recognition, so I have to type it again... Doable?
  3. slarfnar

    So uh, this server died quickly.

    But, but, I just got Rust and started playing. No more server!?!? Wah! Oh well ;-) See you in l4d2!
  4. Player Taco said he was banned but feels it is unjust. I have not heard back from him why, but have given him the information needed for us to allow him back on the server. If he follows basic protocol please review his case and give him a trial period to come back- I have played with him many times and feel he is competent and not malicious in behavior or style.
  5. slarfnar

    New admin status

    Thank you to everyone who nominated and encouraged me to go for admin status. It will be a pleasure to work with and serve the community. If anyone has any questions or comments regarding my admin decisions or functionality, please leave me a message! I apologize for any admin mistakes I may make while I learn the commands. I will get up to speed shortly as issues arise. Happy gaming!
  6. slarfnar

    GC Needs You!

    I will bump over to that server each time I play, just to make sure the children are being good :-)
  7. Let's work up a list of pro tips that players who haven't yet mastered the 10v10 game. Such as: In "Hard Rain" when you are trying to get into the elevator, even if you get incapped please run in as a team. A teammate will pick you up as the elevator is rising. Let's see what else people come up with!
  8. slarfnar

    Slarfnar wants to renew

    Thanks guys! Paid via paypal, guessing it takes a day or two for server to update my status. I should be good but will let you know if there's a problem after a few days have gone by :-)
  9. slarfnar

    Slarfnar wants to renew

    Hi Guys, I was a member but my membership expired and I'm looking to renew. The store tells me to talk to an admin. Can you let me know what you need from me to renew? Thanks. -Slarfnar
  10. Hi Guys! My comp died in June and I just fixed it. I think I have l4d2 working properly now and want to renew my membership. The website and link from email back on Aug 16th that I clicked on says I am already paid for or cancelled and need to contact an admin. Mercman said this was the best place to post to to get help. Please help me out so I can renew again and get back to KILLING YOU ALL!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH. w/ <3 always -Slarfnar