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  1. soupp

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    I'd like to see something like: spawn hazmat on fireworks purchase
  2. soupp

    Crashing in game as infected

    I used to crash all the time when i had multi-core enabled - after disabling it, haven't crashed nearly as much.
  3. soupp


    I wouldn't try to code for good players in the first version. If you get those numbers right, the good players will bring the score difference below the first if statement, and there will be no auto balance. Perhaps the finale could have different logic applied, but I can't really see making a case for that for the first roll out either. Like anything, see how it affects the game and adjust as needed + see what other players say. Do you keep logs of the final game score or for each level? That would be useful for optimizing this.
  4. soupp


    Here is a suggestion to help balance out the game. When each level begins: If( score difference >= 500 ) { Give losing team 5 points each } else if ( score difference >= 1000 ) { Give losing team 10 points each } else if( score difference >= 2000 ) { Give losing team 20 players each } The score limit and or points can be tweeked to a fair number. What do you think?
  5. soupp


    I'm all for the changes. How about getting rid of the option to buy firecrates, gas cans, and molotovs? This is a first person shooter not a first person fire starter. I hate when people spam these everytime anyone gets boomes or a horde spawms. All i see is fire.
  6. soupp

    my 'its stacked' rant

    To all of those who chronically claim its stacked: When you say its stacked (and your team is losing) your saying: The other team is better than us We are worse than the other team Whats worst is that you are personally saying they are better than you. So whats the goal of saying that? Do you want your team to win? You are killing your teams morale and boosting the other team's. If you say it when you are losing, do you say it when you winning?
  7. I really like the new infected buy options - the reghosting and witch upgrade. So here is another one to think about: Have an buy option to reduce the respawn timer for SI. It could have multipe levels - say 10 pts for the first second, 15 pts for the second second and so on. Yea Yea??
  8. soupp

    server is glitched

    The server just crahsed and when i try to join it says that i'm kicked for racism, which i absolutly have not done. I can see the server player count rising then dropping very quickly so I think this is happening for everyone. Anyone else concur?
  9. soupp

    philosophical thoughts

    ive said too much
  10. soupp

    philosophical thoughts

    absolutely your always. something i've really always known, but not quite put it together..in words. Simple question: What is it like to fall asleep and never wake up??? so it goes- Whats it like to wake up without ever falling asleep?!? lolz
  11. soupp

    philosophical thoughts

    Wanted to share this concept with you all - got me thinking. So it goes.... Can you think about thinking a thought? Answer - No you can't, thinking about a thought is just thinking. There is no way to think about a thought because thinking about a thought is just thinking. source of question/wisdom: Alan Watts, my new hero.
  12. soupp

    Membership renewal

    Same here, I've got nothing
  13. soupp

    Membership renewal

    I can't send you a message because I haven't had 5 posts - but this is what I have under invoices/paid: Your Invoices #628 Renewal: Coalition Membership - 1 Year Yesterday, 07:57 PM $0.00 #122 Coalition Membership - 1 Year 28 July 2012 - 07:36 PM $15.00
  14. soupp

    Membership renewal

    It worked - but it only charged me $0.00.
  15. soupp

    Membership renewal

    I'm having trouble renewing my membership as well. It expired: July 30, 2013 - one week ago. I don't see an option to purchase it either. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!