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    l4d all the way
  1. ChetManley

    GC L4D2 Update

    Amen, Im going through withdraws.
  2. ChetManley

    L4D2 Server Widget!

    THATS NOT!.. Entirely true.
  3. ChetManley

    L4D2 Server Widget!

    This morning I made a widget for my Windows 7 desktop so I didn't have to load up L4D2 every time I wanted to check the server status. This widget displays the number of players on, the map being played, and the ranking of the server (It should be number 1!). I took a gametracker banner and turned it into one of the most simple little tools I've made. GCFTW Widget.zip Just unzip and install. If you have a mac well... TOO BAD! UPDATE: Now shows each player who is online as well as a picture of the map being played!
  4. Astro A40's are worth EVERY PENNY!
  5. ChetManley

    Possible reason for recent crashes

    At the stroke of midnight the server turns back into an onion.
  6. ChetManley

    Joining the NAVY - I leave September 9th

    Dont Worry about this. Im in power school myself and im still logging 20 hours a week on the l4d2 server!
  7. ChetManley

    l4d3 rumors

    I want to play as a Midnight Rider!
  8. ChetManley

    Achievements to reward teamwork

    These are good ideas and all but there needs to be a balance. Survivors would need team achievements too!
  9. ChetManley

    Regarding the new plugin idea

    The Infected Med Kit is really annoying.. I was healed 4 consecutive times and was infected EVERY TIME. Granted i didn't need the heal but its a troll factor that needs to be eliminated. There shouldn't be a challenge that skill cant overcome. If every time you use a med kit your risking screwing over your teammates then they will become useless. You might as well tweak the plugin so it costs 15 for a kit instead of 8..
  10. To avoid getting Banned, Please change my screen name to "Chet Manley" san` edit: Previously known as Fap2Death.