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Everything posted by GummyBear

  1. GummyBear

    All and all

    I wanted to let you all know HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am unable to play left for dead 2 since the update to Catalina. I love you all and hope to resolve this asap. probably going back to Mojave.
  2. GummyBear

    Its been a while.

    Hello all its been a while. Just wanted to stop by and say hello I will be gaming once more in the community and be paying my dues. Also wanted to know how you all were doing. For all that do not know me and future members that have joined as of two years kuddos. Just wanted to say its good being back home
  3. GummyBear

    Gummy Bear

    So I have purchased this game is there anyone that can tell me where to start looking for. player attributes what is good ext.
  4. GummyBear


    Yeah I had a dog once and I am sorry for your loss.
  5. GummyBear

    Thank You Panda

    Oh I have another video I hope pandas says to upload it to upload it they are much cuter in this one.
  6. GummyBear

    Thank You Panda

    We spoke about me uploading a picture of Panda. She is really cute and does not let me sleep at night. Thus she is a bit whiny. She is very cute though and I could not think of what to call her. I thought first oreo then, cow then none of those fit. Cow was because of course a cow is that color and she eats a lot. She has like eight stomachs she eats a lot. Oreo because even though on the outside she is dirty she is so sweet to us. But then I thought as we were talking in the chat the other day. Panda because panda was in there talking to everyone. needless to say thank you panda we finally came to the decision of naming our dog after you.
  7. GummyBear

    Are you coming?

    How much is a ticket?
  8. GummyBear

    Thank You Panda

    man this is old here is the link for an update for Panda and Oak.
  9. GummyBear

    Gummy Bear

    So I have been playing Diablo for quite some time now. Also I chose the demon hunter I have a nice set pretty strong I am able to do level 50 greater rifts. Paragon level 518 but man if you do it alone it sucks better do it with 4 players always funner.
  10. GummyBear

    Renewal Membership

    hey peanut speaking of renewals may I know when I have to pay again and I changed my email as well need a new email update if you are willing to help.
  11. GummyBear

    500,000 Kills

    Another charger achievement would be nice DONT MIND ME CHARGING BY or something of that nature.
  12. GummyBear

    Thank You Panda

    Do you all want to see how big my Panda is now?
  13. GummyBear

    About the new additions

    What you should do is remove 1 second per 10 points to remove all 5 seconds should be The value of a tank 10, 20 , 30 ,40 , 50 That should be good or 5 10 15 20 25. It would be 100 points at 10 points each and or 75 points for 5 increments of time loss. No more 20 seconds only 15.
  14. GummyBear

    Deagle Bug.

    A couple of days ago I was playing in server #2. The infected had brought me down I was then boomed had the regular handgun. Then I bought the deagle took out the common infected and then bought up. Wouldn't you know it i had the regular hand gun again. What is that about 2 points gone!
  15. GummyBear


    Stutters le dijo a pump si esta muy cansado que se valla a dormir porque si no descansa no puede acer su trabajo corectamente y los administradores tenemos que ser buen ejemplo para todos. Stutters te dice a ti haraganjosse porfavor no insulat a los administradores con decir coslas come pump no sabe ser parte de un equipo administradores teinen una grande responsabilidad y es bien dificil a vesez. Caso cerrado. Uno de los administradores va a lockiar este chat. Case Closed Lock this post
  16. GummyBear


    Lla vi lo que pasa aqui. les voy a explicar. pero el administrador no te insulto solo dijo que son buenos. He also said that But you think it is appropriate to follow the joke? Being an administrator? He says that even when joe wow started saying these thing why did pump come and say "tamales are great m8"
  17. GummyBear


    And that is all it was JOEWOW knows better than to insult another player. Friend of mine or not. Haraganjosse Lo que paso fue que el administrador no te insulto el que te insulto fue el JOEWOW y con eso dicho el muchacho JOEWOW empeso todo esto el pump not te ofendio. Pero si te dio una chachetada porque no se dejame averiguar. Pump Question why did you slap him?
  18. GummyBear


    Let me clarify there was some miss communication. 1 Pumpernickel he says that you told him to go to the other team for what reason because they use team work. second why did you slap his friend "Max Rockatansy" Third joewow should of not commented that it deserves a ban it is racist. fourth "Max Rockatansy" on the second video provided by mejhonny he says to leave them behind. 5th. Haraganjoose said he did not care to help pump he only cared about his friend max rockatansy. I feel that there is missing pieces there is no harm only they do not communicate because of the barrier. If anyone is guilty is joewow for that comment I find it offensive. Oh one more thing Pump you did a good job you did nothing to offend him or anything keep the good admin work up.
  19. GummyBear


    I was told to step into this it is a stereotype and I also find this highly offensive but not racist. Its like saying all peole that have the name giovany are italian that is a stereotype and is highly offensive. He also says that this is not the first time but the second time. Amigo explicame que es lo que pase desde el principio. Como cuando fue la primera vez que te insulto? Y eran amigos en un punto de tiempo. Here is one more thing this now that I think about it is racist.
  20. GummyBear

    Banned from L4D2 for stacking

    You were the second person that stacked that same round did not know you were ark. Will lift the ban I did warn you we were being obliterated. I apologize for taking time to respond. I was driving to Santa Monica pier for spring break.
  21. GummyBear

    Work Work Work

    Hello all this is just a post to see what peoples desks look like. I have uploaded a picture of what my desk looks like and I have been so busy as you can see.
  22. GummyBear

    Work Work Work

    What is wrong with your s3?
  23. GummyBear

    Work Work Work

    yeah you have a whole bloody plane.
  24. GummyBear

    Work Work Work

    I should change the theme to kick up work day. Reason why everyone's feet are kicked up on their desks lol.
  25. GummyBear


    Update: We are glad to see you playing non stop. Or so it feels like you are on the left for dead server all day. but it is glad to talk to you and see that you are doing alot better. also I am glad you have a great gc family that cares for you.