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  1. DiscoPanda

    The spectator issue.

    "You are banned from this server." I am very sure that this means I was banned.
  2. DiscoPanda

    The spectator issue.

    You shouldn't be banned for this. You may get kicked by an admin if you are a nonmember in spec and members want to join Well it did.
  3. DiscoPanda

    The spectator issue.

    Every time I join I think I can play. But, no. I keep getting put into the spectator mode and it kickes me because I'm not an admin. Is there any way you can fix this? P.S - This got me banned yesterday.
  4. DiscoPanda

    I was banned for.... no reason.

    How do you become a member?
  5. I say my friend was playing L4D2 and I thought I would join. I joined the server and got kicked several times for being in spectate. My friend told me how to join a team. So I did then the admins started saying, "It's that DiscoPanda guy again. Should I ban him?". They gave me no time to defend and then I was banned. For nothing. Here's my info. steamID: DiscoPanda™.j2 steamID32: STEAM_0:0:42429767 steamID64: http://steamcommunit...561198045125262 customURL: http://steamcommunit...id/Techn0Psych0 steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/...561198045125262