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  1. Thank you! All paid up. Do I need to give my steam ID again? it's STEAM_1:1:2228354
  2. Hi @crasx can you please reset my one too? Edit: That ping might not have worked... @crasx
  3. At the start of the game the limits are: Boomer 3/5 Spitter 2/5 Smoker 3/5 Hunter 3/5 Charger 2/5 Jockey 3/5 That's 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 16 for a total of 10 players. For the most part this is fine and no-one ups the limits except on levels that need lots of chargers or spitters. My suggestion is twofold: 1) Make it random which SI gets which limit, so it's not always spitter/charger that are 2/5 (obviously both teams would have to get the same random set on any given map, but it could change between chapters) 2) Change it so that instead of [3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2], the limits come from a pool of [5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1] The total is still 16, but one of the SI you get in abundance, and another you only get 1 of (at least till the limit is upped) I think this would make for some interesting games, and would also lead to the SI limit increase thing being more important early on.
  4. ctrlfrk

    Common infected upgrades

    I hate making config files that precisely match the menus... How about we compromise and you just make it an sm_dothething command?
  5. ctrlfrk

    Common infected upgrades

    This isn't about hordes. It's passive spawning. The guys who are just standing around idly as you move through the level.
  6. ctrlfrk

    Common infected upgrades

    EDIT: This isn't about the horde mechanic. It's about the commons that just spawn naturally, standing around idly as you move through the level. The new swat team hordes have inspired me to repost this suggestion from a few years back. I think it would be quite neat to have an upgrade that replaces 5% of the commons that spawn naturally with specific uncommons, permanently. Similar to what happens on some maps but for any map. Possibly with tiers. My suggested tiers would be: (10 points) CEDA presence. (5% of all common spawns are replaced by CEDA hazmat workers (10 points) SWAT presence. (5% of all common spawns are replaced by SWAT members. (10 points) Mud presence. (5% of all common spawns are replaced by mud people. (50 points) CEDA invasion. (25% of all common spawns are replaced by CEDA hazmat workers) (50 points) SWAT invasion. (25% of all common spawns are replaced by SWAT members) (50 points) Mud invasion. (25% of all common spawns are replaced by mud people) And just for fun: (50 points) Here comes Jimmy! (Jimmy Gibbs Junior appears, and respawns somewhere every time you kill him (ie: he is always alive, somewhere.)) Maybe this could be bought multiple times. I imagine getting mud people on hard rain would be quite amusing.
  7. ctrlfrk

    Tank Limit Idea

    Can you make a 10 point 'fake' tank that only has 1HP and does 0 damage with rock throws?
  8. ctrlfrk

    Emergency Unpin Option?

    I vote no. Getting a pin is really important as infected, and having the survivors able to just press a button to get rid of it negates that. You also need to consider that the high value pins are the good players, the ones that are most likely to have 10 points spare. If this change goes ahead then you won't want to target good players anymore because they'll just buy out of your pin. Personally I think that the !heal command causing instant pickup is already a little too good because of how it allows skilled survivors to shrug off any attempts at focusing them down.
  9. ctrlfrk

    Get a load of this "Rookie"

    Yeah OBS can record directly to your harddrive, it also lets you use better quality settings that way. Twitch doesn't like you setting the data bandwidth too high
  10. ctrlfrk

    I will not put up with people trying to ruin gameplay

    You appear to have the perfect disposition for this job Peanut, so I'm glad you're doing it. Please allow a little bit of drama though because it makes for good reading while I'm at work.
  11. ctrlfrk

    Saturday Night Customs with Johnny

    What is this an announcement of an upcoming announcement?
  12. ctrlfrk

    2 v 2 Bot Herding Championship

    I'm in NZ, so sometimes I'm forced to play 1v0 vs bots Boomers become pretty good.
  13. ctrlfrk

    Recent Server Traffic

    L4D2 is a bit of a 'fall back' game for me when I don't have anything else I feel like playing. Unfortunately a whole bunch of EA games have caught my attention so I've been playing those every night. I still come to the forums though to keep up with developments. Steamcharts seems to show a downward trend in overall L4D2 active users which isn't great: http://steamcharts.com/app/550
  14. ctrlfrk

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    How about making it so you can't earn points while you're a tank? You could probably even drop the price down then... like 30 points
  15. ctrlfrk

    Achievement ideas

    Clay pigeon: As infected, get killed midair 3 spawns in a row. Clutch heal: As infected, !heal yourself when you're at less than 10% health while pinning a survivor. Rocky: As survivor, kill 15 commons while under the effect of melee fatigue from bashing too much.