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  1. rumrunner

    Adding a new MOD

    Just visited a site called www.l4dmaps.com, theres a mod called "i hate mountains 2", which is the next chapter after crash course, is it possible to get it in a versus, ive played it and it has a maze in an old castle, it continues the story line, there are also other mod that picks up from death toll, they also have the parish at nite, its called the dark parish played by moon lite. a must site for modding l4d, l4d2, some site servers have "helms deep" just a thought
  2. rumrunner


    Tried to connect to steam to play kept getting an "oops" message, no connectivty what gives does any body else have the same problem or is it the the servers on the east coast, (1pm) Thanks
  3. rumrunner

    Vote srcamble

    I think that a srcamble while in game without a vote amounts to point stealing, yes thats right, also if the other team is not playing to their full potental that admin on that team should not change the game in his favor, five players of the winning team where switched to the losing team with no chance of replacing the lost points. the use PPM rule of the sever, to cheat is wrong, if you can't play right, play single player or don't play at all, since i don't know my ingame PPM most of the time, it also amounts to stacking by the admin on that team- Fair is Fair if you can't play as a team don't cry votescramble when losing, Thank You
  4. rumrunner


    over lthe several days some players including my self have had problems typing and retyping commands, trying to use the buy menu and the send point system, my bind commands are not holding in the console, followed the instruction given here at this site which were helpful still have problems in game use, also every week theres a new tweek added to the game sever, can this cause a problem? Thanks
  5. rumrunner

    Name change

    Any body remember the name of the rock band in russia that went to prison last month
  6. rumrunner

    Video app. for l4d2

    Steam posted a app. for making in game video's, has it been released, if so where can we loadload it- Thanks
  7. rumrunner

    Debugs on keyboard

  8. rumrunner

    Debugs on keyboard

    In l4d2 there are times my keyboard displays !xbi in instead of !buy, can someone please help as to the cause of this problem, can't send or use points to heal, have to log off to reset and many know how hard to relog on- Many Thanks
  9. So about when will we know, my invoice # 167
  10. forgot to ask your 670 GTX video card connecters are they 2-6 pin or 1-6 pin, and 1-8 pin or 2-8 pin
  11. Yes always call the vender, or the company and get the info you need to troubleshoot probelms, and register the product on their site for warrenty protection
  12. rumrunner

    90's- late 2000's Gaming

    N64 was the only console, and super nin- Ken griffy baseball-gaming should not be age limiting just a clear mind and skills to play
  13. rumrunner

    90's- late 2000's Gaming

    Wow duke nuken 2d, try Quake, or doom