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  1. TheReverend

    [Ban request] Admins

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZffjflZA7LE - For reference For NSFW craziness
  2. TheReverend

    [Ban request] Admins

    How come admin make kick and ban of member like always new rules? Admin act like the Hulk hogan....no good hollywood jabronis, if there was no Sheikybaby there be no admins 1983 sheikybaby wwf world champion number one from mr bob backlund now sheikybaby listen to rule? Sheiky baby the real Sheiky baby put infected in camel clutch and i make them humble. Admin you no good Iron sheik break your back and suplex you. Game Admin want to be the real like me but they start making the bans unfair for everyone so Iron Sheik try and help I say make all players kick and ban each other like old country, keep entire board humble. Just because Iron Sheik see no name jobber rush, cut mean promo he get the ban? HOW CAN YOU KILL THE NOOB ADMIN HE JUST WANT TO LIKE YOU AND KILL ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!! So make l4d2 two player less zombie kill more admin Be more like the sheikybaby and get beautiful american women AMEN
  3. TheReverend

    L4D2 Guide

    Sort of related but: We really need a better way to get people to learn the commands. The MOTD would help, if anyone knew what an MOTD was, or what it stood for...or how to get to it. Yeah the server continually says check the MOTD, but I had no idea what it even stood for until a few months back and I've been playing on this server for over a year. Maybe replace it to say "To see server commands and info press H" or something to that effect and I think it'd be more helpful for at least a few newer people.
  4. TheReverend

    Server Exploits?

    11 and 10 look like just great team work 7 would be damn near impossible unless someone set that up early 2 is pretty legit IMO, but whatever The rest are look really exploitative
  5. TheReverend

    Server Exploits?

    Can I get a clarification on an exploit? Level 2 of No mercy, the subways, the first train car you come across has a non-moving trash can leaning on it that lets you climb with 0 resistance on top of the car. It's pretty clear the game designers put it there to get on top of the car, but I've been told by various admins that it's an exploit. Meanwhile in the 3rd level of Dead Center smokers are allowed to rocket to the malls roof windows, clip through them, and spawn/smoke people when it's pretty clear they were intending this. So my question would be, does climbing the car actually = exploit, if so how do determine what is/isn't an exploit, I'd attach pics but single player tries to enforce consistency on my skins, so I'd have to turn off all my add-ons
  6. TheReverend

    Mercman abusing member votekick privilege

    While we're on this can we put a moritorium on players naming themselves after bots? It's rarely all that funny and really just ends up confusing people. Not saying we should make it a rule per se, but more of a "spit and die" situation where we all acknowledge that it's pretty annoying and don't do it.
  7. TheReverend

    I hate...

    There's hate going around about crash? For shame. I never hated anything about you, except that you like /r/atheism, not that you were an atheist. You're good people
  8. TheReverend

    Anyone know anything about lookback?

    A favorite admin vote? Surely this will end well
  9. TheReverend

    For Yoshi

    Looks like the rumors were true Lookback, Sheikybaby is disappoint
  10. TheReverend

    Steam Workshop

    There's a Shaun of The Dead that replaces Louis that I'm a big fan of. The Raptor mod is awesome for all of the L4D2 survivors, I run it with a mod that replaces the CI with skeleton warriors, makes the game a lot more interesting. Also because of stuff like this I see why it's near impossible to find anything in the workshop for the girls that has any pants.
  11. TheReverend

    Custom Campaigns

    I'm okay with some survivor mode (doing helms deep or something on GC would be awesome). But I agree, only like 1 or 2 custom maps could be used with any hope of people sticking around, just sort all the maps into a collection on the workshop and at least most of the regulars will use them. I agree with using Back to School, White Hole is also a good campaign.
  12. TheReverend

    Well, I just had a good laugh

    So I tried to join one of the servers to see how much of a rip off it was. I was denied and told to change my name, after I removed the .gc the server let me in. Dude is so guilty and he knows it lol
  13. TheReverend

    Steam Workshop

    Heres a pic of the raptor mod if anyones curious http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123596998