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  1. farberio

    Are you coming?

    I will be driving that weekend, but sadly in circles and not near Ohio.
  2. I am game: Me, Discom, Mohawk
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  4. farberio

    Match Server

    I would much rather have FF ON and Bans (1 day?) for TK then FF Off. FF off just ruins the whole thing. I do understand that the match server is a bit wild wild west right now, its used more by the CS:GO community at large then GC who tends to pair off and do CMM. Tensions will run a bit higher if people are actually trying so we just need a way to keep the harassers out, and then find a way of turning some of the regulars of the 5v5 into paying GC members.
  5. farberio

    Match Server

    Any way to revive the ol' 3 tks and autoban?
  6. farberio

    Let's talk dates!

    blame Farb he has dubbed me lumbersexual after the article about lumbersexuals being the opposite of metrosexuals Which article did you read? A buddy of mine was pictured in one of them haha No idea, it was some article on a news aggregator I think...
  7. farberio

    Let's talk dates!

    The trick isn't fitting you in the miata, it's putting you back together at the end of the trip.
  8. farberio

    Let's talk dates!

    If I take the car I will have 3 seats for the truck bench seat, and two in the car.
  9. farberio

    CSGO Ban Requests

    A competitive match ban? That's a ban from Steam itself, not from our GC community. Unfortunately you will have to wait it out!
  10. farberio

    Let's talk dates!

    SCCA is running Mid Ohio 18-19, so I vote that weeekend so I can dual purpose!!!
  11. You work for the Nerdery? Where at?
  12. farberio


    I think TBT needs to add the whole thing into gc westwood.
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  14. farberio

    5 v 5 pub/private Match Server Information

    <3 TBT!!! Also, goons challenge all on D2!!