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Status Updates posted by looneypumpkin

  1. Beach bound! Be back late next week.  B)

    1. Mercman


      have a Great time Looney!

  2. Alright you guise. I haven't played a decent game in 2 weeks. Last Saturday the server was empty. I'd like to get my game on tonight, so be sure to stop by L4D2... server 2, or 1. I don't care. 

  3. L4D2 Customs server 2 @ 7pm-ish CST 3/10 - Urban Flight vs. Dam it 2 (or some VIP/pathing)

    1. looneypumpkin


      ^^ This'll be for this coming weekend 3/17 since server 2 was down on the 10th.

  4. Congrats Mr. House for winning the kill looney contest. Also Yortz for trying very hard.

  5. looney is getting an upgrade! Ordered a WIRED gaming keyboard.

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    2. JackieChan


      Corsair keyboard are pretty solid. I have a Razor one because I like the clacky keys.

    3. looneypumpkin


      It had decent reviews. Happy to upgrade from a $20 basic Logitech :D

    4. turnbullTeRRoR


      I have the k55 and I love it

  6. Both servers are full with 20/22! I like seeing that! :)

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    2. looneypumpkin
    3. DiXie


      Nice!!!! Woo-hoo!

    4. Carlos


      Yea, we'll see how long that lasts :P


      But I'm liking it so far. Fresh faces in the servers are nice.

  7. Who infected this medkit? I have a cold.

    1. Yortz


      Peanut, no one else.

  8. Will be out of town Friday-Sunday. Everyone have a good weekend!

  9. I'm moving from AL to MO tomorrow! So I might be gone for a few days.

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    2. looneypumpkin


      I am here! My computer is up. Internet seems decent. However one of my fans has decided to be crazy loud. Back to unpacking.... loving this city so far!

    3. Carlos


      Yea, looks like I'll be away from GC this week instead of just this weekend. Could play/stream tomorrow, but I have to study for Physics. Prefer to do it in the evening so it'd be fresh in my memory. Looks like you maniacs will enjoy this whole week then :3


      Anyways, welcome back! See you in the future!!

    4. DiXie


      Glad to hear, Looney!! /slap Peanut.

  10. argggh... ugggghhh... rrrrrrr.... the joys of moving have me feeling pretty ill.

  11. Gonna attempt child-proofing the office, then come back to play.... I almost am scared because I'll be so terrible. Over a year since I played on the PC!

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    2. looneypumpkin


      oh my there's so many wires and they're all delicious!

    3. chick82


      make sure you baby proof the off/on button lol. I have a screenshot i sent you.

    4. Lookback


      Conduit is your friend...

  12. Merry Xmas, Happy holidays (or non holidays) to you all!

    1. MasterTalpa


      merry kwanza and a happy hanakkuh with a fruitful valentines

  13. I renewed. Maybe one day I'll get to play video games again.

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    2. Lookback


      lol, it is all over. See you in 15-18 years :(

    3. looneypumpkin


      haha nooo... he is getting more fun and able to play alone some. So I can finally make dinner instead of ordering out for example....


    4. Lookback


      That is good, they are more fun than games anyways. Although my eldest is playing Rocksmith with me :)


      Feeding them gets considerably more expensive going forward.

  14. My birthday today, my turn to feel old. Big 30 over here. BTW Thanks for all the fireworks America!

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    2. stabz0r


      Happy birthday and welcome to the dirty thirties!

    3. walkingCat


      Happy birthday!

    4. Lookback


      30 is the new 20

  15. RIP to my Samsung TV. It has been fun. Especially that one time where your bulb exploded with hot glass everywhere.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Biggs


      How many pieces?

    3. walkingCat


      Did you try to turn it OFF/ON?

    4. looneypumpkin


      It was like 8yrs old. We bought a new Vizio today, 50" M501D-A2R. Super happy with it so far!

  16. 2 weeks until I'm on maternity leave. Then hopefully I will be able to play more for a bit....

    1. Biggs


      The idea of your water breaking while you're playing l4d is epic. That might be a first

    2. looneypumpkin


      wow, didn't even think of that. It is possible. Soon I will be wearing a garbage bag I think.

    3. Lookback


      hahahahahaahahaham play more L4D2? More like, pray for a little sleep :)


      Have fun!!!

  17. Valve's latest L4D2 update broke my game. I am having to reinstall everything. boo.

  18. yay! I'm back... went to Branson, MO for a little over a week. Hope to be in tomorrow and game some.

    1. crasx


      welcome back =]

  19. Going on vacation for a week. Gonna have some major withdrawls.

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    2. samurai nightling

      samurai nightling

      I notice I never actually have withdrawals on vacation. It's the first day back I spend most of the day catching up on forums and then gaming.

    3. Mercman


      have a good time looney

      Where ya going?


    4. TheDude


      Have a nice time!

  20. Finally started watching Breaking Bad. What a spectacular show. I'm almost through season 2.

    1. chick82


      oh my NO! Not you too. To many ppl watch this show :( I can't get into it LOL

    2. looneypumpkin


      I mean, it's not the best thing I ever saw. But it's pretty good.

    3. Static


      some1 mentioned it on the server so i watched the 1st episode wich was terrific the rest up until the latest season seem to much drama not my taste

  21. Tomb Raider is up for $12. You folk who haven't played best get on it.

    1. boiler


      Got on it. I've been waiting the whole Steam sale for this, and can't believe it was so cheap.

  22. How did I not know Walking Dead: 400 days was out? At least now I got something to do!

  23. Beat The Last of Us. Fantastic game with a great story. Doesn't top Tomb Raider though.

    1. TheDude


      NO SPOILERS PLZ. Introduction almost made me cry. Multiplayer is awesome.

    2. looneypumpkin


      Yes the opening was epic. I was almost too shocked to continue.

  24. Gone til Monday probably. Everyone have a nice weekend!