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  1. xtblackice

    FFO 2013 Live Thread

    Anyone notice Discom and I? You will laugh when you see ...
  2. xtblackice

    FFO 2013 - What To Bring List

    Instead of printing out the results from the anti-virus...are we ok to just have it pulled up and reviewed before actually plugging into the network? Never had much use for a printer so I never bought one...
  3. xtblackice


    the last time I arrived with an entire team was when I was with VI.....long ago
  4. xtblackice


    xT is coming to this thing. We better get some more people signing up. It's not everyday that they let us all out together. We had to make sure we could all legally be in the same state in the same time. We need more people registering, stat!
  5. xtblackice

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    it does involve two of shaft's favorite things.....drinking and men...can't wait until he finally reads this
  6. xtblackice

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    if you are drunk, stay away from Table D..I'm bringing a cage to set around us in order to contain the insanity. Plus, you have to watch out for Shaft around a bunch of drunk men....
  7. xtblackice

    It's a go! FFO 2013 July 18th-21st!

    Anyone know when we can start registering? Additionally, are we going to start a thread to discuss splitting hotel rooms?
  8. xtblackice

    Final FFO 2013 Dates Poll

    please let it be the 18th-21st