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  1. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  2. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  3. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  4. oakgyrl510

    Snow Fort Challenge

  5. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  6. oakgyrl510

    Snow Fort Challenge

    you cant trick me, this is an oxi clean advertisement!
  7. oakgyrl510

    Changing characters in-game

    i remember fun times redirecting witches with this function elsewhere lol
  8. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  9. oakgyrl510

    Word Associationess

  10. oakgyrl510

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    stomach acid at 20 was easy enough i thought lol
  11. oakgyrl510

    L4D2 Tournament SIGN UP!!

    Would prefer after holidays.
  12. oakgyrl510

    Workshop items have been disabled

    what if someone had skin to show only hitbox shapes, its possible. HA. i dont know who would only want to shoot squares, but maybe they are circles who knows. lol
  13. oakgyrl510

    VIP + Jackie Pathing Tank Play

    I was the VIP on that dead air map, was unable to open the door, got accused of opening and closing the door to trap my team by several people. No one made it in. Told those people I have demo if they wanna watch it. No questions/accusations after that. lol Remember what map that was on? dead air map 4 @test - nope, but i still have log lol