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  1. WhoaEagleRay

    Remove explosive clips?

    Sometimes I think it would be more fun if Survivors had to find the items that they bought instead of getting them instantly. Could you make it so the map started out bare and only filled up with ammo/guns/health as Survivors spent points to spawn those items?
  2. I would enjoy that. Survivors make it too often.
  3. WhoaEagleRay


    no, this was dead center and you don't play by my rules? it's the server rules not to rushed out of the saferoom while we wait for other people to join or teams to get even number of players, dude, you Rushed as it was 4 vs 8 and you ran out of the safe room without waiting for other people to join. that why i wanted to votekick you. Here are the server rules from this thread http://gamerscoaliti...u-kickedbanned/ Show me where leaving the safe room without waiting for more people is rushing. We had just played several rounds with the same lopsided teams and we had been waiting before you joined[/]! Starting the game is not rushing!
  4. WhoaEagleRay


    The server had been like that for the last few rounds and we had been waiting by the time you got in. Nor do I see a rule that says teams must be full before a round can begin. If I caught you flat footed when I ran out, I apologize, but I don't play on your schedule. In some ways, I feel like you are just trying to get back at me for ignoring your unilateral decision to wait As far a rushing, I think we were on the third map of Swamp Fever. I ran out to the middle of the little enclosed area that the saferoom sits on. In any normal game, I don't see how that could be considered rushing. Since none of my teammates followed me (even my loyal army of bots), I guess it is. Sorry!