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  1. hyperscope

    Unfair Perma Ban on a new player?

    I wasn’t involved but I would like to add my support to this thread. The situation described in the previous comments are not conducive to maintaining a healthy/positive community. I would hope that the admin shows more discipline and accountability in the future.
  2. hyperscope

    Membership broken on Server

    @JackieChan I'm having the same issue. steamID: STEAM_1:1:4520944 Edit: Disregard, resolved!
  3. hyperscope

    Anyone still playing?

    Personally I've never really used the website. I think the frustrating part is that there is plenty of people that are both capable and willing to address the issues they just don't have access to do so. I definitely don't think the community is dead but has certainly seen a decrease in activity. Which I suspect is mainly due to the reason listed in this thread.
  4. hyperscope

    GC L4D2 Update

    "not crashy server with no buy"
  5. hyperscope

    Cosplay :)