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  1. GLaDOS

    Thank You Everyone

    I put some 300 hours into an 8v8 server called SkyGaming, hosted in BC, with a custom plugin suite similar but definitely not the same as this one. When it shut down, L4D was never the same to me. No server even came close. No server had such a friendly community that cared about fun, friendliness and balance the way that server did. Then I found GC a few (4?!) years ago. Immediately it felt like home again. I don't play much and I'm not the best around, but even after huge absences I still feel welcomed, and I still get to enjoy awesome rounds of the best L4D format there is. Thanks everyone. And thanks to you too Jackie. We wouldn't be here if not for everything you put into the server!
  2. GLaDOS

    The Passing

    The Passing sucks, for two reasons. The first and less serious reason is that the campaign just sucks, particularly in 10v10. The choke points are way too tight, to the point that one new player can throw an entire round. For example, the first staircase on the first map, followed by a stretch of cars. Perfect for one person to get downed, feed tank points when people try to help, and then get obliterated by cars. Map 2 has the plank walk, which can just be insanity if there's a couple decent smokers on the other team. Not to mention the hallways before that. The sewer sections are long and empty and kinda boring. The levels are all terribly long, as well. But the real problem is that it's buggy. In the last 3 days I've had a round of The Passing start as soon as or before the survivors were unfrozen, before anyone left the starting area. On top of that, a team of bots will get stuck on the finale, which can cause the dead servers to get stuck on The Passing's finale. Not saying it needs to be banned, I actually kinda like how good The Passing can be for infected. But it's pointlessly frustrating when it bugs out.
  3. GLaDOS

    Things that aren't fun

    Aha, that's the problem. You don't want to do that Sometimes I'll rocket boom onto just you, out of spite Joking aside though I wish I was good enough to vanilla boom consistently. Rocket booms suck when anyone competent is online, but my vanilla booms are even worse
  4. GLaDOS

    Things that aren't fun

    A thread to talk about the things on the server that frustrate you irritate you, or just in general are not fun. Thread is 100% not serious. I'll start: 1. When Carlos complains about Death Toll, Dead Air or Blood Harvest 2. Actually playing Death Toll, Dead Air or Blood Harvest 3. When Elias isn't on your team 4. When Elias is on the other team 5. See 3 and 4 but replace "Elias" with "General" 6. When you rocket boom a group of bots and they actually shove effectively 7. When you rocket boom a group of players and they actually shove effectively 8. 7 was a joke, that never happens. How about, when someone shoots the boomer right in your face. Which is always.
  5. GLaDOS

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    Do we still do custom maps ever? What about Jackie Pathing?
  6. GLaDOS

    Rank Listings

    This is exactly what I was looking for, more stats would be cool but I onyl asked because I figured all that info was stored together a la when you type !rank. Also time played is really confusing. My monthly time played is 35:00 and my all-time is 1:55:00. If I've played 35 hours in the last month I've definitely played more than 2 hours total, counting hours up to 60 seems really strange. Not too sure what it's actually saying Seeing untouchable would be cool, reminds me that I need to get it sometime I always get hit by the charger shockwave This is really interesting, when were they done? A lot of names I recognize from a while ago that aren't on the list anymore at all, like swatfishy. Looking up my name yields a tonne of results. I really, really regret picking this name. There's even a GLaDOS.exe that's connected, which was my original nickname (but was not my connect) EDIT 2: Whoops, enter isn't new line and I forgot to save my first edit. Sorry if you saw just the 3 quotes
  7. GLaDOS

    Rank Listings

    Hey, just wondering if there's any listing of the top/all GC l4d2 players with relevant stats (ppm, headshot ratio, etc) Curious to see how I stack up against the best of 'em