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sleepiexjay last won the day on May 9 2015

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    sleepiex owns you!
  1. sleepiexjay


    Maestro should be blocked jajaja. nvm his problem fix i think
  2. sleepiexjay


    Hello GC community. im here one more time. Whatsup
  3. sleepiexjay

    Hello GC gamers

    Hello GC gaming community, hope u guys are good and safe in your life`s, sorry if my english is very bad. but i made this thread for a good cause for my parents and family.. Venezuela= 1 paradise, the city of god, the best sun, beautifull beach, big montains, warm weather, good peoples friendly, beautifull girls ETC. but we got 1 default; our president take it all to the ruins, peoples are going to DEAD. cause our medical assistence, our water, our meals, delinquency, corruption, hyperinflation, cost, price, job opportunity... and more.... Im crying when i see peoples looking into the trash for some eat. Figthing in the market to get some rice, cereals, milk, meet.. This is bad, its not recomended for no one. This is hard. but GOD with us Well our GOD need to help us. i hope this poop END fast.. im going to say this: if someone can help to my family and me with 1 personal contribution we will be grateful.. family is family and we must help each of us. before i go to steal someone--- i prefer ask. Thanks for read. sorry if i perturb u guys. sorry for my bad english Sorry if i was inactive and now just posted this thread for the big cause. Thanks GOD There is my email addres is someone can help me: castrojoelmi25@gmail.com
  4. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    Thanks man... im so happy
  5. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    Thanks a lot... Jelly thanks for tell me, also massive Thanks to the dude who donate it for me. i will appreciate it, Thanks 1 more time. This community is awesome...
  6. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    just let me know... Thanks a lot boss
  7. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    alright bro... i wil
  8. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    Nope, i have not credit card.
  9. sleepiexjay

    Whatsup! gc community

    Hello, Dear GC members, admins, staff i have 1 question? How can i be member from gc without pay for it? Im from venzuela and my country has a bad president(everyone know it) he blocked all our $ what we can get every years. Can anyone help me. I already miss the gc time. Help me if you can Also----> Peaunut/Maestro/merc miss you
  10. sleepiexjay

    Admins vs Scrubs (members)! - 11/09/15 (September)

    will gonna participate...
  11. sleepiexjay

    Admins vs Scrubs (members)! - 11/09/15 (September)

    everyone is welcome? or u guys select any players?
  12. sleepiexjay

    500,000 Kills

    what about the BOT kill.
  13. sleepiexjay

    Friday 6/26 - Custom Map Server 2 around 8:00pm est

    i know how to lauch it... ty anzul...
  14. sleepiexjay

    Friday 6/26 - Custom Map Server 2 around 8:00pm est

    no one help me to dowmload maps. : (